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The last chapter of the New King? Lone Ranger boss: The last home team has plans – New, Ski, this season, the only, Dirk – China News Net

2019-04-08 16:08:47 Source: China News Network

Data cards: Nowitzki brought Maverick 2011 to win only O & Brien Cup.Data cards: Nowitzki brought Maverick 2011 to win only O & Brien Cup.

The regular NBA season is nearing end, and Dallas Lone Ranger has only the last domestic match of the 10th Beijing time when it will face Phoenix Sun at the American Airlines Center. For the two teams, the outcome of the game is irrelevant, but this battle can become a domestic match of the German chariot Nowitzki.

Earlier, Sam Covenant Mark Cuban said that the lone ranger had prepared a special ceremony for Nowitzki. On October 8, the Cubanac once again talked about the subject: "We have planned, I know that players will play like a baby in that game. I really want to see how they react."

Lone Ranger is currently in the second place in the West, and the chase for a better sign has become the focal point of the second half of the season. Low record teams will not prevent Texas fans from using the last domestic match of the season to honor Honka Nowitzki, who has been playing for 21 years.

In fact, the solitary ranger this season is no longer the Nowitzki team. The train is over, its physical condition can not support an intense, long-lasting clash of games, and with the addition of East Cecchi, the future of Lone Ranger is also completed between old and new cores. Even if New did not make it clear whether the season would return next season, the fans know that there is not much time left at the stadium.

In 2011, Nowitzki led Lone Ranger to win Heat to win the NBA Championship, which is the only trophy in the history of his team, Dirk also met the expectations of the MVP finals. This season, the "old driver" averaged 6.7 points and 2.8 rebounds, 36.1 percent of the field and 31.1 percent of the three, and played more as a mentor and team leader in the team. (The end)

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