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Weapons in Garbage Incinerator at Factory No. 1 in Zhenjiang: Police Eliminated Hidden Dangers | Finance 环保 _Sina Finance_ 新浪

Đubre in garbage dump at factory No. 1 in Zhenjiang: Police have removed hidden dangers

According to Yangzi Evening News, in the slag processing plant no. 1 Dagang in the new district of Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, workers have found a projectile at work. After receiving the police, the police quickly arrived at the scene and removed the hidden dangers. It is unbelievable that this shell burned into a waste incinerator for nearly a thousand degrees of high temperature. Luckily, no explosions!

At 10 o'clock on March 18, Wang Lei, a police officer at Dagang Police Station in the new Zhenjiang County district, received a telephone call from the responsible person of Everbright's Environmental Protection Company under his authority and said, "We seem to have a grenade in our factory After the alarm, Wang Lei immediately informed the leader of the situation.

Immediately, Yan Weijun police officers, Zhang Junwei and police Wang Lei, auxiliary police Zhu Li and so forth, quickly drove to the scene. At the same time they immediately informed the situation and asked Zhenjiang of the new District Security Office to support their disposal.

Upon arrival to the scene, a projectile of about 50 cm in length and a diameter of more than 10 cm was found. The body is very worn and there are a number of numbers on the battleground.

At the police's request, it was found that factory employees found suspected missiles during the process of cleaning and sorting the slag. However, where the shells come, they can no longer follow.

Since community police often enter the company, it publishes laws and regulations relating to the breaking of weapons. So, after the factory employee discovered a suspicious grenade, he immediately took the initiative to report the alarm.

During the interview, the police told reporters that the grenade was burned almost a thousand degrees fire at Everbright's environmental protection company. Otherwise, it is difficult to say the consequences.

However, the shape of the shell is still intact and the danger is still present. To prevent accidents, the police will be on the margins of the mass to evacuate and put in the warning zone. At this time, the shell was transferred to the central storage depot in Zhenjiang for storage.

Police reminder

If you find a firearm, ammunition or suspicious explosive in your daily life, keep the original status on the spot and immediately call 110 to call the police to notify the police. Also, do not keep it private or move it arbitrarily to avoid accidents.

Furthermore, any form of firearms and ammunition in a private storage facility is unlawful and will be punished criminally responsible when discovered.

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