Tuesday , November 24 2020

3 series based on actual events to watch on Netflix

Lenox Hill (photo: © Yulari Films INC) / Reas / For better (or worse)

In the catalog Netflix a huge amount of original and acquired series can be found. However, the offer is such that the search many times becomes eternal.

This time we are moving away from fiction and, to prevent aimless navigation, we have selected three documentary series based on true stories that might surely interest you.

Lenox Hill

From childbirth to neurosurgery, this documentation follows the work of four physicians at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City trying to balance commitment to their patients and the ups and downs of the profession with their personal lives.

Directed Adi barash Y Ruthie Shatz, John Boockvar, David Langer, Mirtha Macri and Amanda Little Richardson appear in this nine-episode series.


At the Sacramento County Jail, inmates are fighting for power and opposing the government as they try to stop the lock to numb them.

This six-episode series features Gaylon Beason, Taylor Coatney, Andrea Gunderson, Nyla Jones, Sergeant Hernandez and Monster.

For better or worse)

This documentation examines in detail the lucrative wellness industry that sells health and quality of life wondering whether these are products and practices they make or just false promises. The use of essential oils, tantric sex, the risks of fasting, the use of ayahuasca and apitherapy are some of the topics covered in the six episodes that make up his only season.

It produces this series Ken Druckerman,, Banks Tarver,, Anneka Jones Y Erica Sashin and has an intervention Jennifer Julian.

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