Wednesday , January 27 2021

& # 39; & # 39; Capture Crazy Scam & # 39 ;: so rampant attacked a park in Salsi [VIDEO]

The influence and the high level of Salsa's arrival to the Park in Bogot, yesterday was shadowed by scary and unprecedented, a man in a red jacket and a white cap at the time of the event, began to move between people with a machete in his arms

This is recorded in RCN Radio's video and proves the moment in which an entity changes the order at Simón Bolívar's Park using weapons in the middle of the crowd. This happened near the end of the Salsa al Parque festival, which closed this issue on Sunday, November 11th.

Serious fact creates moments of anxiety among those who attended the event. The events instantly prompted people to retreat, leaving a significant space where a minority of people in the park square organized a fight that would leave some injured people.

Click here to watch the video recorded on RCN Radio

"We call for calm and respect, there is an artist who comes to the stage and needs guarantees," said the authorized voice of the event through the sound of the stage, at a time when people began looking for a greater presence of the police.

There were also complaints of a low number of policemen who participated in the event, as only 10 high school police officers appeared in the middle of the quarrel before a crowd of more than 10,000 participants.

The festival is about to introduce Caballero de la Salsa, Gilberta Santa Rosa and his world tour "40 … and Counting", which celebrates the 40-year-old track in the music industry of the performer. Salsa al Parque 2018, in the 21st edition, participated in 16 orchestras.

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