Tuesday , July 27 2021

A seventeen-year-old adolescent was abused and killed in the Caucasus Colombia

The Caucasus community in Bajo Cauci, Antioquia, was astonished by the case of a juvenile who was apparently raped and later killed, leaving his body under the bed near Santa Elena.

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The Technical Prosecution Office of the Prosecutor's Office (CTI) found that a 17-year-old girl, identified as Estefany Oliver Sabrita, was found naked, with strikes and signs of violent physical access.

Local mayor, Óscar Aníbal Suárez, commented that, apparently, the aggressor came around 4:00 pm. this Tuesday and would link the juvenile, but clarified that there is no threat or suspicion to someone in the close circle.

Estefany was in the tenth grade in a local school and, according to the authorities, remained alone in the evening, while her aunt, who lived with her, worked in the writing stationery store until 7:00 am when she arrived home. and found his niece's lifeless body.

With no indication of the perpetrator, the mayor announced he had a 10 million pesos reward for those who contribute information to the perpetrator.

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