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An American dies when he falls off the roof of the Windsor Hotel

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The atmosphere was tense yesterday at the Windsor Hotel in Barranquilla. The funeral aura was able to permeate the care of administrative and security personnel after the unit, located at 84th Street no. 46-07 in the Altos de San Vicente neighborhood, became the site of a tragic death.

According to a police report, it was 3:46 a.m. when American John Wilkel Zachary fell from a roof, on the seventh floor of a hotel, in conditions that have not yet been clarified.

I was with a woman. According to judicial sources, a 31-year-old man, a native of Milwaukee (Wisconsin, United States), would enter a hotel on Sunday with his wife to stay in room 304, accommodated like any other guest.

What the workers at the hotel probably did not expect was that, some time after they entered, an American would begin to walk half-naked hallways and in a state of change.

Gen. Ricardo Augusto Alarcón Campos, commander of the Metropolitan Police in Barranquilla, says the woman who accompanied John would be so scared for the condition of the man that he decided to inform members of the security body of the same.

Given the situation, hotel workers would request the presence of a Barranquille Metropolitan Police uniform, which upon arrival, in the company of paramedics, assisted the man. "That person was very exalted at the time he was being treated," the general said before saying that the man had escaped their hands and ended in death.

"He leaves abruptly, goes to the hotel terrace and falls there. We do not know if he was voluntarily launched because of the darkness. He simply falls down," the general explained.

Police also informed that the victim would die at the scene; however, they tried to help him and he was taken to the Reina Catalina Clinic, where he arrived without vital signs.

He had a wife and children in town. The news of John's death was a blow to his family in Barranquilla. The pain was reflected in their faces as they waited for the body to arrive at the legal capital of the Atlantic capital, as they not only had to deal with the death of the man, but had to deliver a bitter drink after hearing the news through the media.

Although relatives declined to make broad statements about the case, close deceased said he "was not here on vacation". This medium knew, through a confidential source, that Wilkel Zachary was a philosopher and would withdraw from the world of work to devote himself to writing.

The deceased would arrive in town about two years ago today, after starting a relationship with a woman Barranquill he met in the United States. According to the source, John's wife and mother of their two children would be Margarita Barraza, a relative of Helís Barraz, rector of the Reformed University Corporation, an institution where Wilkel Zachary served as an associate of the Languages ​​Institute in 2017, without having a direct employment relationship.

Likewise, in 2018, Wilkel Zachary was found to be affiliated with Barranquilla American College for a month as part of an internship in the English department. There he worked as a teacher and associate of the department according to the school, but the reasons why such an internship lasted so little time are unknown.

On the other hand, it was known that despite his family in Barranquilla, John Wilkel Zachary's body would be returned to the United States for funeral and subsequent burial in the coastal town of Milwaukee.

"I can't be here." As part of the investigative work, reporters from this media approached the Windsor Hotel in search of information about the fateful incident that took place there; however, the hotel management and security were reluctant to issue any notice of the case. In fact, journalists were greeted with an aggressive and meticulous attitude. One of the security officers told reporters that they could not be there, even when asked to wait in the lobby to be served by a hotel administrator. Reporters were sent to the back of the building, near the unloading and operating area, where they waited unsuccessfully for more than two hours for their staff to attend.

During the wait, reporters were able to check the presence of at least eight National Police intelligence officers who were monitoring the case.

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