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Android offers free games and apps for a limited time

Free !, yes, free. In its Play Store, the Android app store, Google has left, along with developers of functional apps like games, free limited-time payment apps for all users.

Today we bring you a great list with this one Android Play Store offers, so get your mobile ready to take advantage of the apps you once tried to download, but discouraged when you saw that you should pay for them.

Don't worry if you don't have enough storage to install them (if you want a few), as you only need to install them to be in your personal Play Store collection, so when you uninstall them you can search and install them when you need to , because they will remain yours forever and best of all they will remain free for the next installation.

You can also achieve this by running the application installation and canceling their installation when downloading.

You can also download them later on any Android device as long as you're signing in with the same Google Account.

Remember, these apps are free for a certain amount of time, so don't be afraid and angry if you delay installing them, as they might come back to their normal price.


Paranormal area

About $ 850

Paranormal Area 2

About $ 800

Roll adventure

Before: $ 800

Magnet balls 2

Before: $ 1500

King Rivals Premium

Before: $ 3000

Blu Escape – hardcore platformer

Before: $ 2000

The Mouse Society of George

Before: $ 2500

Farm and Click – Idle Agricultural Clicker PRO

$ 3000 before

Premium Death Traps – The Adventure of Hell

Before: $ 4000

Galaxy Warrior Classic

Before: $ 4200

Words all about PRO

Before: $ 6000

My little journey

Before: $ 6,500

Rollshot – Wolrd War Puzzle

Before: $ 6,500

Useful applications

NT Calculator – Extensive Pro Budget

$ 8,500 ago

SnapShot – Screenshots Pro

Before $ 5,500

ET Pro Music Player

$ 5000 ago

Learn Mandarin – HSK 6 Hero

$ 31,000 ago

GPS Pro Digital Dashboard

$ 2,500 ago

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