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August 14th brings a message for you through Josie Ten Canseco

ARIJES: March 20 – April 19: You will feel great emotion with someone who is starting to think about you, move away from a hidden relationship that would only bring you insecurity, that person does not suit you. Avoid unnecessary costs because your economy is not stable yet. Number of successes, 17.

TAURUS: April 20 – May 20: You have difficulty proving your feelings and your attitude creates doubt in your partner, today he will let you know that he is uncomfortable and you will need to give him security to maintain your relationship. Number of successes, 20.

GEMINI: May 21 – June 21: You will need to review your affective life, you will understand your mistakes and your attitude towards your loved one will be more flexible, today the improvements you are looking for will start. Number of successes, 4.

CANCER: July 22 – July 21: A loved one will be in a bad mood and will bother you all, you will have to have patience, your love and understanding will drive away disagreements. Your economic problems will soon be resolved. Number of successes, 1.

LEO: July 22 – August 22: It will be a day full of intense emotions, though sometimes you will be contradictory and demand that nothing will diminish your emotional well-being. Someone needs your financial support, don't deny it. Number of successes, 13.

VIRGO: 23 August – 22 SET: Communication today will be your weapon of seduction, someone with whom you share intellectual interests will become important in your emotional life. Number of successes, 10.

POUN: 23 SET. OCT 22: Some attitudes of the person you love creates great uncertainty, today you will have the opportunity to talk about your fears, their explanations will convince you. Number of successes, 15.

SCORPIO: October 23 – November 22: Your need for new emotions threatens your relationship, today you will be more emotionally stable, thinking and deciding what your love priorities are. Number of successes, 2.

SAGITTARIJ: November 23 – December 22: You will cut yourself with that love situation that hurts you and you will learn a great lesson from this experience, the changes that will start in your life today will be very positive. A quiet day at work, but you shouldn't be so confident. Number of successes, 6.

KAPICAR: December 23 – January 21: You will look inside and you will find the answers to your doubts, you will be free from anger and you will be able to demonstrate your emotions without feeling vulnerable. Number of successes, 11.

AQUARIUS: January 22 – February 17: Your craving for attention leads you to dominant attitudes that annoy your partner, today he will seek more space and confidence and although you will be uncomfortable, you will recognize that he is right. Number of successes, 8.

PIZE: February 18 to March 19: Someone in your area will offer to interfere with your love disagreements, be careful with that person, have hidden intentions, and their intervention would be harmful. Number of successes, 12.


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