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Barrios and Borr, unexpected discoveries of the Boke and the River

They landed in Buenos Aires without rebels. But Colombian Wilmar Barrios and Rafael Santos Borré, based on deliveries and talent, have become the cornerstones of Boca Juniors and River Plate, who will play the notorious Copa Libertadores-2018 finals.

Both were born in the Colombian Caribbean, both dressed as tricolors and both stole the applause of their fans. And their mentors agree that two combine talent and resilience.

Life in the fight.

Children's footballers Cyclones de Cartagena complained about spending the night in the "bodrio" club who hosted them before competing in the youth tournament final at nearby Barranquillas.

Some cried, others threatened to go home. Meanwhile, Wilmar Barrios (October 1993) hesitated.

Boca Juniors, a part of that four-man squad, did not ridicule his teammates for malevolence. Everyday it was so rough that it seemed like a break.

"He was a very modest man, even sometimes he did not have the money to go to practice and he had to walk," says AFP Henry Calderón, his technician at the amateur team.

He grew up in the neighborhood of La Candelaria in the tourist and unpopular Cartagena Carnival. Gangs, drugs, and poverty were rampant in the streets of your home.

Practically abandoned by his parents, his grandmother Celia greeted him. "Being born, he was born at the same time with distress, but he has always gone ahead," says Calderón.

She had certainly taken out the cloak that fascinated the xeneizes, the team made up her temperament. Temperance revealed to Barranquilla the night that Calderón still remembers today.

"Afterwards we came to the champion, and he told his colleagues:" You see, the victim was awarded a triumph. "As a child, he always stands out for it, because he has not overcome the disadvantages," he says.

It is a proof that in all the teams he played, including the Boca, began as a substitute. With the power of talent and work, he deserved his place. So he signed Deportes Tolima when he was 16 years old.

Humberto "Tucho" Ortiz, the outstanding trainer of the coach, revealed him to the youth championship. "Since I saw Wilmar Barrios, I saw a project that could explode, he was, he was a constant winner (…) even though he had a nutritional deficit."

Ortiz formed him in the vinotinto cast, with which he raised Copa Colombia in 2014. Two years later he flew to Argentina's capital in a club where his fellow countrymen like Óscar Córdoba, Jorge Bermúdez and Mauricio Serna were immortal.

It has become unknown and after the double champion in Argentina, blue and gold are looking for millions for those who knock their doors from Europe. The number can be multiplied if the Libertadores rise to the eternal rival.

"Psychologically, there is mental doping that is a character, and then suffering has caused it to sink into the hard work," says Ortiz.

Vallenato cross band.

He was a big, skinny little kid. But what a terrible boy raised dust in the sandy fields of his native Barranquille and Valledupar, the city that raised him.

"The sensitivity he had to back the ball … He made several bends, some movements, never stopped, he was uninterrupted," says Agustín Garizábalo, who discovered him ten years ago at the youth tournament in the heat of the city.

The renowned talented scout recalled that "ten minutes" was enough to begin the tracking of Rafael Santos Borrela (September 1995), a process that he took to the inferior Deportiva Calija for 14 years with which he debuted in 2013.

Because of its sense of purpose, as a teenager, the Rijeka invader was known as the "Borra Guarantee". And he was born with a name preceded by glory.

Rafael Santos was baptized as the son of iconic Colombian singer Diomedes Díaz, who composed the song "Mi muchacho" to his offspring.

"That's why I want Rafael Santos / Have you been told in this song / what if inspired you to become a shoemaker / I want you to be the best," says the text.

Marcelo Gallarda's stunted race was meteoric, but with a break. From Cali left the champion in relation to Athletic Madrid. From there he got a loan for Villarreal. But his gray step through Europe was worried about his arrival at Núñez.

"Mental has been hit hard," recognizes Jaime Pabón, a coach who hired herself on the holidays ahead of Russia's world organization to improve its definition and technique. And overcome the Spanish failure.

Pabón, who has polished figures such as Jackson Martinez, Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, and Mohamed Salah, have found him as a river fourth ahead and is now immobile. "I found a very sensitive person who wanted to overcome."

Measured by the tall staff left by Falcao García as a millionaire, Argentina has been criticized for lack of a goal. But the nickname "La Máquina", which was imposed on him in Cali when he brought his skills to light, returned to the ring with his key remarks in Libertadores.

"In Rafael Santos Borretta, one of my work maxims," ​​says Garizábalo. "And that talent is not just discovered, it's built."

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