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Birds of the Winning Won Three Statues in Premiño Fénix – Film and TV – Culture

He has been nominated in nine categories and won three of them: feature film, female performances and music.

Summer birds at the Phoenix Awards

Carmiña Martínez, who plays in the film Lord of the Rings, raises the egg-shaped statue.

according to:


November 8, 2018, 03:40.

Colombian film & # 39; Pájaros de verano & # 39; won the Fenix ​​Prize for Latin American Cinema at the ceremony held in Mexico City on Wednesday evening.

The film Ciro Guerra and Cristine Gallego was one of the favorites in addition to the Argentine film "Zama", which won four statues in the categories of best editing, sound, art design and photography.

"In honor of the Colombian guild and we continue to talk about these Latin American stories that fill our blood," said director and producer Cristina Gallego after winning the Best Film Fiction Award.

In addition, "Birds of the Summer" received awards Best female performances, delivered by Carmiña Martínez, who plays Lords, one of the main characters of Columbian film.

In addition, he also received a reward Best Original Music, composed by Leonardo Heiblum.

He has also been nominated for best director, editing, film photography, screenplay, sound and costume.

Fénix Awards organizes a collection of Cinema23, an association founded in 2012 to promote the cinematic culture of Latin America, trying to identify the best cinemas in Latin America, Spain and Portugal.

& # 39; Summer Birds & # 39; is a film selected by the Columbia Academy of Motion Picture Science and Science to represent the country at the Oscar award. By the beginning of 2019, it will be known whether among the official candidates.


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