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By increasing oil prices, the price of gasoline and Acpm will rise from July

From this Tuesday, July 1st, the Bucaramanga gallon gasoline will cost $ 9,535 and Acpm $ 9,010. This means that fuel and diesel will have an increase of $ 150 compared to what it currently costs.

Since three months ago, the government has not raised fuel prices in the country, and the Ministry of Mines and Energy added that fuel price fluctuations in July are the result of higher international oil prices and depreciation of the exchange rate. .

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It should be noted that this year, Brent (who is calling to Colombia) had an increase of $ 58 to $ 62 per barrel, while the exchange rate increased from $ 3,200 to $ 3,260 on average.

Until this year, petrol in Bucarmang grew $ 238 and Acpm $ 352.

In Tunji, a gasoline can be sold at a price of $ 9,870, and Acpm for $ 9,352, which is the city with the highest price; while Meal, with a $ 7,378 gasoline and a diesel price of $ 7,240, will have the cheapest gallon.

For Farid Jones, executive director at Fendipetroleu Santander and Sur del Cesar, this increase is a surprise for the industry and for consumers, mainly because the government has kept constant price management.

He also recalled that reducing the fuel tax rate, included in the National Development Plan, PND, kept prices, which was not noticeable with a new increase.

"This increase may lead to increased smugglers, especially when Venezuela is able to stabilize its current situation," Jones said.

According to MinMinas, the adjustment is $ 217 and $ 64 less per gallon of gasoline and diesel, up to this year, compared to the first seven months of 2018, while between January and July 2018, the increase is $ 386 per gallon of gasoline $ 358 diesel fuel gallon, in the same period of 2019 the increase was $ 169 per gallon of gasoline and $ 294 per gallon of diesel.

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From now on, variations in fuel prices are jointly established by MinHacienda and MiniMinas, in accordance with Article 35 of the National Development Plan.

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