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Chinese paradise paradise these are some of the plagiarized labels

In China, imitations of products such as "Gogo Chenale" or "Ababis" shoes do not cease to play a leading role in major e-commerce platforms. According to the EUIPO, counterfeiting resulted in a loss of 434,000 European jobs every year.

Atosigada with the economic sanctions he has imposed United States, China secures increased protection intellectual property, a crucial issue in a trade war between Washington and Beijing.

President, Xi Jinping, confirmed on Monday its readiness to "firmly sanction" imitation sellers. Soon the new law will force giants selling the internet, including Alibi, to remove disputed products from their websites.

Like every November 11th, the group organizes a great promotion day. As an American "Black Friday", this event called "Singles Party" (for "1" on -11 / 11th), is an opportunity to increase sales.

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Last year, Alibaba registered around 25,000 million dollars (22,000 million euros) in transactions at 24 hours, more than the GDP of Iceland.

Presented on practically all smart phones in China, its application, Taobao, is one of the largest online trading platforms in the world (634 million active users per month). But although the vast majority of products sold are credible, many are false or imitated.

This way you can find "Ababis" shoes with the Adidas logo for an unbeatable price of 39 yuan (5 euros). And some "Balenciaca" shoes are sold for 128 yuan (16 euros).

Bags "Long Chang"

The site is full of fake bags Louis Vuitton, sold from 118 yuan (15 euros) or from your competitor Longchamp, which is also not released and whose fabled piece of nylon has been sold forged by the name "Long Chang" for a similar price.

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You can also find false poles Lacoste of 68 yuana (9 euros), with the logo crocodile perfectly embroidered.

In the streets of Beijing, consumers acknowledge AFP that it is difficult to distinguish them from the fake. "I really do not see the difference," entrusts a 26-year-old man in front of the boxer "Caiwen Kani"" It seems authentic. It's original. "

"I could buy it," Wang Yu admitted, 37, in front of the construction box.Lepin"(copied from Legora) from the Galaxy Sage" Star Wnrs "and sold for 15 yuan (€ 1.90)." I think all the products are copied together, "he says. It does not bother me if it suits children, as long as it's good quality. "

In the drinks section can be found whiskey "Jack David"or wines from Bordeaux, but with unusual names like" Heart of Freedom "or" Dragon Were General ", for only 2.50 Euros of bottles.

In 2016, the United States has included Taobao on a blacklist of "well-known markets" for selling counterfeit goods and intellectual property violations.

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By the Office European Union for Intellectual Property (EUIPO), counterfeiting would cause a loss of 434,000 jobs in Europe and 60,000 million euros each year.

In a statement posted to AFP, Alibaba says its methods of intellectual property protection are "among the best in the sector" and claim to seek "means for their constant improvement."

& # 39; Pure hypocrisy & # 39;

The group claims to have filed 48 legal complaints this year against counterfeit vendors.

"One company in two is a victim, they spend enormous costs to combat this disruption, which can reach 10% of their turnover," AFP Delphine Sarfati-Sobreira, Paris Director of the Unifab Association, told AFP. gathers the industry of committed counterfeiting.

But this impunity could soon be over. The new Chinese online trade law will enter into force on 1 January 2019 and will blame the internet giants if they have a counterfeit on their platforms.

"Investing in the site of responsibility is pure hypocrisy," said Hubert Ricard, an export consultant at "La Guyennoise", of which "five million bottles" from Bordeaux are copied every year to China.

According to him, the authorities of individual provinces of the center and east of the country "are very often part of the network of production and distribution of wine."

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