Sunday , June 20 2021

Eln attacks would leave three injured and a vehicle burned at CesarELESPECTADOR.COM

A bus from Bucanero and a bus from Brasilia would be intercepted by armed men who identified themselves as ELN members. Authorities have already come to the scene.

The truck from Bucanero allegedly burned ELN members. Retrieved from @FenaviColombia

ELN alleged members allegedly cremated vehicles at dawn this Saturday in the Aguachica district section of Cesar. The Bucanero truck company was completely destroyed by fire.

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In the same way, the bus from Brasilia's transport company slammed several men who apparently appeared as members of ELN and After they dropped to 32 passengers traveling on the bus, they continued to burn it.

Another fact is also reported on the road leading to the village of La Vega and the municipalities of Curumaní (Cesar) where the bus with intermunicipal transport is attacked by firearms. The fact was left by several wounded men who were transferred to a health center, including a woman Omaira Ascencio Blanco, 42, who was hit by a gunshot wound.

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A few hours ago, when the facts were known, the authorities moved to the reported areas.

Faced with the facts, the 10th Army Brigade manifested itself in the press release and indicated that the facts would be the responsibility of the members Front Camilo Torres from Elna operating on the Curumaní highway. Who would, according to the authorities, be the ones who intimidated the passengers on the bus. However, investigations are still underway to clarify those responsible for the offenses.

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