Sunday , January 17 2021

Eln provided evidence of the survival of an engineer who was held in Arauca

ELN has delivered a survival test for Ismocol oil company Rafael Andrés Riaño, who was kidnapped in Araucancia on January 13th. Until a few hours ago, his happiness was totally unknown.

The only thing his family knew about him was that ELN had the Venezuelan area, and that was the information the government had given them. Therefore they failed to reach the area where they remained in captivity for their rescue. When her sister, who was already in trouble, went to find news about her brother at the Saravena Park, approached two people on the motorcycle and took her to the suburbs where they gave her a USB stick with survival evidence.

"It's a message for my family, to tell them I love them, here we start to evaluate the moments they have put aside, I want to thank my brothers, I know they paid attention," says Rafael on a video test that delivered a guild group to their families

He is guarded by two guerrillas, wearing a dark blue shirt and cap, and in the background of the ELN flag, Rafael said he had a few days ago access to a message sent by one of his brothers and said he was physically fit.

"I was ok, do not worry, the problem with the migraine that made you worried, I have medicines, I'm physically good and I'm happy to get good treatment," said the engineer in the video, also asking the patience of your cousins.

Meanwhile, Jorge's cousins ​​are awaiting his early release and claimed that guerrillas in recent months said he would shut down captive engineers as long as Ismocol did not withdraw their oil pipeline shares in that area.

It should be recalled that ELN is also under its power since last March in the department of Arauca, the son of the former governor of that department, Jose Leonardo Leonardo, who is currently the manager of the public service company. It is said that he was also taken to Venezuela.

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