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Fabio Duarte, Champion of Vuelta in Colombia 2019

Fabio Duarte (team Medellín) for the first time in his career was declared the champion in Vuelta and Colombia in 2019; on the other side, Brayan Sánchez (Pride Paisa), who will integrate Colombian national team in the Panama Games, was the winner of the last phase, A 22-kilometer single route between the Boyacá Bridge, Tunja variants, Terminal, Glorieta Gobernador, Viaduct and Plaza de Bolívar.

As far as the final podium is concerned, Salvador Moreno was second in the general general, while Sevscar Sevilla He closed the third box after the 13th part of the Colombian cycling competition.

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Duarte When he crossed the target line and won the title, he talked with Antenna 2 from RCN radio: "This triumph I devote to my family, the Medellin team, and all the people who supported me. You have witnessed that I always fought for a tour of Colombia. I could not believe it, so I did not relax; Thank God this time. As long as I did not reach the goal, I felt like a champion. "

The new champion admitted he was worried at the foregoing stage where his team did not look good. "Yesterday when Weimar fell and I lost time, It was the toughest moment, there was not one hundred percent there, and I was worried about my teammates, "he said.

Duarte also said he was quiet before the start of the last phase. "We did this at the beginning and then we squeezed a bit, although I was not at risk in the corners, "he added and made it clear that the next local goal of the Medellín team was to win the RCN Classic. "We want to win RCN Classic as a team, I would like to win Oscar Seville, a great person and a great team leader, "he said.

Finally, concluded Fabio Duarte with a smile on his face and pointed out: "It's very nice, this is the first time I've got something important in Colombia here, that's Medellin's family."

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On the other side, Salvador Moreno, who was declared second in the competition, admitted he was lucky enough to get to the podium. "Very happy because I struggled to keep the second place and be on the podium. From day to day I did a lot of improvement and it helped us; what we wanted was to have a good time and make a big trial today, "he said.

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