Saturday , June 19 2021

Fonseca was excited after becoming a double father

Colombian singer Fonseca looks tired but at the same time full of happiness after his birth in the same week of his two "Agustina", his third son and ninth album of his discography.

"It's a pretty experience," the singer admitted in an interview for Efe, saying that recording and composing records is an "intense process", and if combined with the arrival of a child, it is "very emotional", the result is "very beautiful, twice ".

He says he has decided that his "two sons" will be called "Agustin" to mark the moment and remember that his name and his wife, Juliana Posada, were at the same time "telepathic" and without any family references, something that seemed magical.

Juan Fernando Fonseca is a "very happy album" released on Friday and includes collaboration with Spanish Ana Torro and Melendi, as well as "new sounds" but within the recognizable style of pop fusion with the touch of traditional music of his country.

The album was the single "Simples Corazones", selected for the 2018 Colombian tourist campaign and nominated for the Latin Grammy.

The album, released by Sony Music Latin, reflects the features of Fonsecine's career as well as a combination of pops with traditional accordion, so typical of the feast, to produce melodies that pass romantic texts.

At this suggestion, the singer remains faithful to his first production in 2002 "Fonseca", and later allowed the internationalization of the hands of singles like "Te mando flores", which were part of his second album "Corazón".

However, with "Agustín" approaching the rhythmic ground of urban music and proof that it is the first time publishing an album where there is no drum, something that has come naturally, he said.

"I've always been influenced by what I hear, I've never invested a lot of strategies. When I mix and make a album I always see it as a blank page, I do not have a flight plan," he explained.

"Agustín" has 16 songs, in ten of them with producer Fonseca, and the album counted with eleven producers of different nationalities, including his companion and friend Mauricio Rengifo.

As for co-operation with other artists, he says that they happened naturally. Ana Torroja, with whom she sang "Paso a paso", coordinated her with Twitter, while in Melendi's case she had a personal relationship and her voice seemed to be perfect for the remix "Simples corazones".

The theme of "Volver a verte" is performed by the Colombian duo Cali and Dandee, of which Rengifo is part, and the songs with Mexican Kinky and Argentine Nahuel Pennisijem are performed, the latter being "surprising" and "special," he said and interpreting the ballad " Because nobody knows. "

Fonseca, winning five Latin Grammy during her career, is preparing for songs across the United States, accompanied by the band Bacillus, and although it is "difficult" to go on a trip and be away from her family, more in the following months after her son's birth, she says Live playing gives "life."

And for that "new life" that turned its home into a quintet (her older children, Paloma and Manolo, have eight and five years), Fonseca hopes only to "go through this life where happiness is the main thing."

The other musical "Agustín" wants to "continue to build a career, continue to build the road and continue to print stories of love and love to the songs, to make people feel identified, borrowed, and devoted," he said.

"I'm happy to have to serve people for that," she admitted.

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