Thursday , January 21 2021

“I’m dying and nobody cares”: a drama by actor Mauricio Bastidas, who remains ill and sad in a hospital in Cali


Colombian actor, Mauricio Bastidas, assured via Instagram story that he is living a terrible moment at the hospital where he is being treated.

Bastidas, who survived a facial wound in the middle of a robbery a few months ago, has now said on his social media that he has “Hanging Fever” and inflamed lungs, so he can’t breathe well.

He was therefore admitted to a clinic in Cali, Valle del Cauca, where they performed several tests, including Covid-19, but the results are not yet known.

At first he assured in his publications that he was embarrassed that he would not be able to be with him, but as the days went by he said his health had deteriorated and the clinic had not given him results and he was only receiving the nurse’s attention but without a doctor.

It’s already 3 internal days. The purpose of staying here seems to be to get worse. They didn’t turn in the evidence, I need to know. Help me make a noise. […] I’m only attended by nurses, maybe kind, but kindness doesn’t care because I’m dying and no one cares.

Although the actor requested a visit to the doctor, but he was told he had to wait to complete the round. He also informed his EPS that he would take legal action for his situation.

“I will not allow them to kill me like that anymoreBastidas said in one of his stories.

It should be borne in mind that Mauricio Bastidas is recognized mainly by his participation in the RCN production ‘Tres milagros’ where he appears alongside singer Farina.

On August 4, the actor started a fundraising campaign so he could have surgery reconstruction to recover from a robbery he suffered in the city of Cali.

Bastidas was in the vehicle when he was approached by a man carrying a weapon and preparing to seize a cell phone in the urban center of the capital, Vallejo. At that moment, the robbers shot him at the level of his right cheek.

“There are people who criticize me for the campaign started by Marcela, who told me ‘I don’t want to see you like that.’ I’m not starving, but I don’t have money for surgery. I thank the people who respond to her gesture. That indifference does not kill us, hatred and resentment do not devour us. I fight to move forward, a hug for everyone, ”Bastidas said in the video.

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