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In the video | Men crash and break the flag of Lgt, raised in Medellín

The citizen, in the company of other people, reduced the support that the badge held on top of Cerro Nutibare, claiming that there should be an Antioquia flag there.

Disappointment and rejection, among the groups that defended the rights of the community of Lgt, triggered the reaction of a man who lowered the flag of gay pride that was erected in Pueblito Paisi in Medellín.

In the case that was recorded in the video, the citizen reduced the support that this badge held at the top of Cerro Nutibare, in the company of other people, claiming that the flag of Antioquia should be highlighted there.

"Scoundrels. If the mayor of Medellina and the Departmental Party fail to respect our national symbols, here Antioquenos we respect and respect our city. If that community wants respect, let's first observe Antioquenos first, "the man shouts, and the other captures him.

Subsequently, the subject, identified as Luis Emilio Arboleda, wraps the flag with a knife and throws it into the garbage bin.

The Metropolitan police Valle de Aburrá reported that he was dealing with the case and that although there were no arrests because the patriotic symbol was not hit, they were imposed in accordance with the Police Code, according to Blu Radio.

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