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In the video | "Most likely not with Junior": Luis Díaz

After arriving at Ernesto Cortissos airport, a Guajira farmer was happy to work individually with Colombian team in Copa America and complained about the elimination of continental competition.

Voice applause was heard when Luis Díaz left the door of the home of Ernesto Cortissoz airport to Barranquilla.

Díaz returned to the city on Saturday after taking part in the Colombian team at Copa América in Brazil where La Amarilla was eliminated in Chile's quarter-finals.

The guajiro end was happy for what was done individually and regretted the elimination of continental competition.

"I am happy and grateful with the support of the people here in Barranquilla, I know they love me, so they can afford me, and I am happy with this reception, we have made a good Copa America, we went with a bitter taste to not get the goal." We wanted to be the champions, we must save the positives that have been made, correct the mistakes … Professor Carlos Queiroz's hand comes from the hands of a very good process, "he said.

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Diaz regretted the penalties in which Chile was more effective than Colombia and provided him with all the support of William Tesilli, who failed to qualify. He also explained that the decision to select the collector was Portuguese coach Carlos Queiroz.

"No one wants to miss the penalty, we give all the support to Tesla, he has all our support, the penalties were chosen by the coaching staff because we trained him a few days ago." I told Tesilou to calm down, this is happening for the best players and I think is ahead of him a lot of future, he added.

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Luis Diaz also took a moment and called for the current status at Junior. Guajiro confirmed bids from Russia and Portugal and practically forgave him from the Rwandan institution.

"There is nothing concrete about this, there are two bids, I hope you will make the best decision that is peaceful and now think good about the coming future, most likely not with the junior," explained a talented player. .

The player is grateful to Junior and all the managers. "Since I started Junior, I was grateful to everyone, Char, Julio (Comesaña) and all the teammates who shared with me because they helped me grow up, I always keep the Junior in my heart," Luis Díaz finished,

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