Wednesday , March 3 2021

Is weighing every day good or bad?


Obesity with weight loss is always associated with dieting, exercise and, in most cases, weighing every day. There seems to be no better way to confirm that victims who are physically better off than weighing weight routinely. However, here the debate is open and Not all experts believe it is useful when it comes to weight loss watch how the scale goes down pounds.

As demonstrated by the research presented at the American Heart Association 2018 Scientific Sessions in Chicago, an important global exchange of recent advances in cardiovascular science for researchers and clinicians, daily weighing on the ladder can help you with weight loss goals.

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The researchers investigated how many 1,042 adults were isolated (78% men, 90% white, mean age 47), and whether there were differences in weight change for those samples going to the scale for 12 months. They analyzed data transmitted by Health eHeart, an online prospective study. The participants were trying home at home as they would have liked, without any intervention, guidelines or incentives to lose weight from the researchers.

Thus, they identified several categories of adults, of those who daily or almost daily deployed to adults who never used scales. They found that people who never met or who just cheated once a week did not lose weight next year. Those who tried six to seven times a week had a significant weight loss (1.7%) in 12 months.

"Body weight control through the ladder can increase your awareness of how behavior can affect weight loss." These findings support the central role of self-control in changing behavior and increasing success in any attempt to better control weight loss. body weight, "explain the authors of the study, from the School of Nurses at Pittsburgh University and the Medical School at the California University of San Francisco.


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