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Jackpot in the Lottery Medellín has fallen

There's a new millionaire in town. Luther Medellin reported on Saturday morning that his jackpot, which amounted to $ 12,000 million, fell to No. 0077 in the 13th Series sold by the Commercial Games Network and Sípaga.

But that person was not the only one who was lucky to be in that tombola. The company also reported that it had left two dry dolls worth ten million dollars, one in the city of Monteria with a number of 7015 series 197 and the other in Sabaneta with number 6540 of the 239 series.

That is, says Lotería Medellín, June became a millionth month, as the awards for this prize game added two $ 400 million worth of cash, two $ 20 million and six more than $ 10 million worth of cashouts that have already been delivered to the recent 29 days.

Although the excitement of the winner must be great, he will not get the full amount of awards. This is stipulated in Article 48 of Law 643 of 2001, stipulating that all prizes received through a lottery in the country are subject to a 17% deduction above the nominal value of the prize as the tax winners, which has a unique destination for healthcare transfer.

Winners must, at a time not longer than 12 months, access facilities Luther Medellín with a winning card and a certificate of citizenship. If the prize is less than 20 million, it can be sought in any distribution agency in the country.

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