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Latinos seek emotional well-being and walk in the fresh air

The findings of Mastercard’s initial Experiences survey reveal that people recognize the value of personal enrichment and are willing to invest time and energy in experiences that leave them with a lasting sense of well-being. Data from Latin America and the Caribbean show that this is why they prefer experiences they can enjoy with family and friends (89%) and visit new places to see and do things they have never done before (81%) while learning about new crops (75%). A good opportunity to connect between them and the people they love the most is the most important thing for an experience that is truly “priceless”.

“Mastercard has long been a brand that helps people connect with each other and with their passions and hobbies,” says Raja Rajamannar, Head of Marketing and Communications for Mastercard Global. “The pandemic has forced people to rethink what they need from experience, and brands to rethink how to provide it. The results of the research help us understand what is most important to people today and what experiences we can offer them to help them create opportunities and memories that are truly invaluable. ”

The pandemic has taught us to prioritize our own well-being in order to better connect with others
In Latin America and the Caribbean, during the pandemic, people focused more on the benefits facilitated by technology (33%), rest and balance (38%) and relaxing activities (39%). While at the regional level their proactive focus on concentration to achieve greater resilience has led them to prioritize their mental well-being (93%), emotional well-being (93%) and physical well-being (91%), all finding the right energy to connect with others.

People want a break from everyday pressures and strive to connect with the world around them and with their loved ones.

Spending more time at home, people relied on technology to stay connected with work, family and friends. Now people are ready to focus more on relaxation, either through leisure activities like online games or enjoying nature. Almost half of the respondents agreed that it is important to spend time off without interruption from any device. In fact, when asked about their favorite relaxation activities, respondents tended to go on outdoor adventures. Globally, there is an above-average interest (Index 100) in using nature and open spaces as escapes from everyday life, preferring travel (201), exercise (161), travel to remote or isolated places (130), as well as camping and hiking (127 ).

Experiences are truly invaluable when living with other people
Enjoying good company and having a good time with loved ones is a priority for people, as nearly three-quarters say they really try to book time to enjoy with friends and family, ensuring the experience is truly “invaluable” when it gives them the opportunity to connect with people who are theirs. important. In Latin America and the Caribbean, people define “good times” as those spent with people who matter to them (53%) and doing something that interests them (44%). In contrast, 66% of people globally prefer inclusive experiences that are beneficial to different groups of people, while in Latin America and the Caribbean this represents 81%, and 43% say it is important that they can feel accepted and true to themselves when well spend with others.

“After a year of lifestyle restrictions, consumers have an increased demand for experiences that are memorable and compatible,” said Wayne Levings, president of Kantar Global. “After a pandemic, we don’t expect consumers to look for a lot of experiences, especially ones that are perceived as lasting: things they will never forget and that they will be able to experience through stories, personal improvement, or impact on the community.”

Mastercard uses these results and insights to offer people new experiences that connect them to their passions and hobbies, helping them seek deeper levels of happiness and change in themselves and, if possible, even in the world around them. All this is highlighted on the Mastercard platform for lifestyle and experience,, where new experiences – regularly updated – include hobbies around the world:

  • Embark on a virtual bike tour with Marcel Gutiérrez

  • Return Aro Ha New Zealand Wellness Retreat home to a virtual program

  • Learn with physicist Javier Santaolalla how the Spanish National Museum of Thyssen-Bornemisza connects iconic art with sustainability

  • Join the former Hamilton team at a virtual gathering

  • Listen to the secrets that Lavazza Barista reveals in order to make the best espresso

Research methodology:

  • A 20-minute online survey among 17,895 consumers from 18 countries in five world regions (NAM, EUR, LAC, MEA, Australia).

  • ~ 1,000 completed interviews per country.

  • General population, over 18 years.

  • A survey conducted by Kantar on behalf of Mastercard Global Foresights, Insights and Analytics, December 2020.

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