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Attorney Cristina Lomban Velásquez, the chief soldier, was the military investigative judge in Medellín, though still active, removed from duty to be able to exercise his position at the Supreme Court.

Lawyer Cristina Lomban Velásquez, the main national army, was a military judge for teaching in Medellin. National Army

Investigations against the former president and senator of the Republic of Álvaro Uribe Velez at the Supreme Court of Justice for allegedly committed criminal offenses of process fraud and bribery have a new investigator. This is the judge of a new judge of the Supreme Court, Sergeant of the National Army, Cristina Lomban Velásquez. The Supreme Court sources explained that, although still active, it was removed from duty to be able to fulfill its new role in ordinary justice. In addition, he clarified that the woman was an administrative officer, not a weapon, and had no or would have command of the army.

As is well-known, the case concerning the alleged intent of manipulating witness Juan Guillermo Monsalvo, who showed the exemateries that he had had with the paramilitary groups, was recently in the hands of the premises within the Criminal Chamber, involving magistrates JLuis Luis Barceló, Fernando Castro and Luis Antonio Hernández.

Then the Council issued a decision to institute a formal investigation against Uribe Vélez and invite him to investigate together with the Chamber's representative Álvaro Hernán Prada Artunduaga. These proceedings were originally set up at the beginning of September, but were delayed after several complaints were filed as nullity and a motion for recognition as a citizen party raising Iván Cepeda Castro. However, once it came into force twice, the Chamber lost its jurisdiction and the proceedings were forwarded to the new Learning Service.

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Judge Lomban Velasquez must now review the entire file sent to him and, among other things, decide whether to hold a call for an investigation Uribe Vélez and Prada or no In addition, he must decide whether he accepts the intercepting file that the court misdirected the exmandatario after his number appeared in nine statements and two files followed by the congressman Nilton Córdoba Manyoma.

President Iván Duque took over the judges of the Supreme Court of Justice: Jorge Emilio Caldas, Hector Javier Alarcón, Cristina Eugenia Lomban, César Augusto Reyes and Francisco Farfán. Photo: Presidency.

In an interview for Speaker On October 20, President of the Criminal Commission, Judge Luis Antonio Hernandez, explained who he was responsible for "must declare a solution that will meet the demands of the defenders that are in the process and that will be solved, and equally the request for admission as part of. I believe that the new magistrate is clear about the importance of the matter and will decide in that sense as soon as possible.

In this conversation, Hernández insisted that the interception was legal and accidental. "In the third trial against Córdoba (launched on the basis of a statement exfiscal anticorruption, today extradited to Luis Gustavo Moreno) was formally ordered to break this phone number in the belief that he belonged to Córdoba. But it turned out to be the former president, without anyone imagining it. After having been informed, the judge decided to stop the intervention by considering valid evidence – inevitable finding – some conversations of Dr. Uribe who moved to the process against him, to be considered relevant and useful. Content, as needed, remained in reserve. "

Cristina Lombana Velásquez Attorney at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana with postgraduate degree in Criminal Law at Pantheon-Paris II University and Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Externado University of Columbia. In addition, he studied public administration at Ecole National Administration.

According to her resume, Lombana Velásquez is a candidate for a magister in criminal law from the University of EAFIT. She served as Private Secretary of the Office The State Attorney General of the Nation 1995 and 1996. He was the head of the Legal Office of the National Institute in Zagreb Housing issue of social interest and urban reform, Inurbe. The judge of the military criminal code in Medellin who holds the rank of Major. In that sense, when elected as a judge, the National Army and the Ministry of Defense congratulated her on social networks.

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Editor's note: In the first version of this note it is ensured that Judge Cristina Lomban Velásquez was no longer an active army and therefore older than the retirement of the National Army. However, the Supreme Court of Justice and the National Army have confirmed to the newspapers that Lombana is still in office, but that he has been isolated from duty to be able to achieve his new position.

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