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"Matías Fernández remains, I can see him better and he can help us": Comesaña

The Rookie coach confirmed to EL HERALD that the Chilean midfielder would remain on the list.

When many believed Matías Fernández packed his coffins and returned to Colo Colo, the team who saw him professionally, Julio Avelino Comesaña, a junior coach, confirmed that the Chilean midfielder would continue at Junior.

– Yes, it stays. He has a current contract with the team, there are quota aliens, and Sambuez has gone, it would be stupid to not use it, Comesaña said in a conversation with EL HERALDOM on Thursday afternoon.

Atletica coach has said on other occasions that the southern midfielder is not in his plans because of his football characteristics and because he has filled the quota of aliens in mind for a back-and-forth band with features similar to those in Argentina Fabián Sambuez, who went to Santa Fe.

"People have to realize that Matías Fernández is different from Sambuez, it's not a return journey, it was a jumble, and he started playing a mixed flyer in Italy." More is what Sebastián Hernández and James Sánchez are doing, "Comesaña said.

The governor saw Fernandez well in training and he thinks he can contribute at some point.

"I see him better physically and football, we hope he will be fine." He can help us, said DT.

Iván Luquetta would leave

Of four players from the Barranquilla FC who coached the junior, Fabian Ángel, midfielder Iván Luquetta, player Barranquilla Stewart Acuña (striker Piojo & # 39; Acuña) and striker Luis & # 39; el Chino Sandoval, only three will stay on the list. It is most likely that Luquetta borrows and resumes his career in the second club.

Comesaña hopes that the return of honest Guillermo Celis and extreme experience will be achieved.

Stewart Acuña.

Stewart Acuña.

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Edwuin Cetre?

The addition of young Edwina Cetrea, which adds seven months without playing, remains in mind. The directive has not yet stated the last word. On the table there is a medical and physical report of the player. They are still analyzing it to see if it's ok to sign them.

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