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New problems of Hisguara Bridge in Santander

After the visit of the main control of the Republic to the Hisgaura Bridge in Santander, it was established there are two new worrying situations in addition to anomalies in the structure that has been condemned these days and this would jeopardize the bridge's stability according to experts.

As a first step, this was pointed out by the Office of the Head of Control Adjustment Fund did not include bridging lighting in the appropriate contract, when intense fog is usually after four o'clock in the afternoon.

Another disadvantage to the General Controller is that the Adjustment and Audit Fund The contractor, the Spanish company Sacyr, did not approve the bridge load test.

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Given these new difficulties represented by the Hisgaura Bridge, Juan Carlos Rincon Liévano, Vice President for Economic Chamber of Commerce, who is a part of the supervised entity, said that "The situations that the controlling body mentions are difficulties that, no doubt, at the time when the Chamber requested that it be determined by means of a communication specifically referred to the Financial Controller and the Adjustment Fund. about the need to illuminate for immediate security issues and on the other hand the test load that is the basis for determining if the bridge is stable or not. "

"The role of the Chamber outside the examination ask for and request that the development of the work schedule be completed and that the community truly be fulfilled so we can have guidelines for productivity and even competitiveness, "said Juan Carlos Rincon.

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The Office of the Delegation of the Citizen Participation Attorney who made a tour of the bridge pointed to the fact that officials including engineers, It will produce a technical report on the structural issue and the presence of waves.

The CGR Commission, which moved to Hisgau Bridge, recommended the launch of the Special Measure to Implement the Adjustment Fund, to check the status of this contract and its development and development in what is related to lighting, load test and other problems to be determined.

New Sacyr statement on the bridge

Sacyr said that "the removal of visual aesthetics, purely aesthetic, will continue to set up a tax or side skirt that was not foreseen either in the original design contest or in the new designs that Sacyr had to elaborate and therefore were not part of the scope of the contract as a Contractor's obligation."

"In spite of this, the Adjustment Fund, demanding installation of this element as a condition for bridge acceptance, firmly advocates Sacyr for delivering and installing this element." Placing the side flap or skirt has already been made. made Sacyr, "says the contractor's statement.

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Regarding the workloads required by the authorities, Sacyr indicates:

"Although there is no doubt about the construction and stability of the bridge, a dynamic load test and a static load test will be carried out, which is not part of the scope of the contract or is required by any standard. he is always willing to do it ".

Execution for the realization of this test was timely delivered in the agreed term, indicating another part of the statement in which the company also states that it is waiting for the Adaptation Fund to provide a date for carrying out the loading test.

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The results of these tests will be announced, finally secured by Sacyr.

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