Friday , March 5 2021

Nike appoints a new global sales leader and general manager of Asia and Latin America

Nike announced on Tuesday that Ann Hebert became a global sales vice president. Carl Grebert, now general manager of the Jordan brand, will succeed Heber and will become the new general manager of the company in Asia and Latin America.

Nike has named a new chief of Asia and Latin America – Facebook: Nike

Both will be under the supervision of Elliott Hill, President of Nike for consumers and the market.

"Carl and Ann are both Nike veterans and will continue to drive growth and speed up our direct consumer strategy. We are well positioned in the future thanks to his leadership," Hill said in an official statement.

Grebert has led millions of global teams in manufacturing, marketing, merchandising and machine category for a year and a half. Prior to that position in Jordan, he was general manager of young athletes, before leading the Nike Japan team as general manager.

Meanwhile, Hebert, the 23-year-old veteran of Nica, was previously vice president of Nike's direct global business associations and led by a North American sales team.

Asia Pacific and Latin America have grown to be a significant market for sports brand. It is currently the third Nike's geographic market.

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