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After losing the match against the German Aleksandar Zverev, who took away his gold, the Serbian tennis player and number one in the world, Novak Djokovic, had another bitter surprise after losing a bronze medal match at the Olympics. This time his executioner was the Spaniards Pablo Carreño Busta, number 11 on the ATP rankings and who beat him in three sets 6-4, 6-7 (in tie-break 6-8) and 6-3.

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But, apart from another surprising defeat and another medal that disappeared as it happened in London in 2012 and Rio in 2016, what was something to talk about was some of the behavior of Serbs that was rejected in the networks.

In the first point of the third set ‘Nole’ did not reach the ball sent by a Spanish tennis player, and in the midst of frustration, threw a racket in the stands From the sand.

It is true that a Serb has been seen on several occasions blowing explosively when things are not going his way, this time it was more noticeable than normal to lose his temper.

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And that is that after the attitude that many already resent Djokovic at the meeting, there was another controversy that prompted even more criticism. In that same set, he lost a point after throwing out a ball that was seemingly easy, so the Serb could not contain his anger over the mistake in that way. Seeing the meeting spiral out of control, hit hard in the second racket until you break it about one of the posts that disrupt the grid of the game, warming the mood in this match.

After the match ended, Carreño fell to the ground of emotion after beating the currently best in the world and winning bronze, while Djokovic closed the match giving the usual handshake to his opponent that comes with each conclusion of a match-tennis.

The Serb does not work for these Olympics because he will not play a bronze medal match in mixed doubles due to the injury he had in the match against the Spaniards. There are already three consecutive Olympic Games in which Djokovic does not win a medal, although this was the most unexpected defeat when he started as a clear favorite to take the gold.

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