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Mexico.- Oats is considered one of the most effective grains for optimal digestive system and functioning at excellent levels. Eating oatmeal can help maintain a healthy weight.

This food has high fiber content, which helps absorb fat and sugar and remove them from the body through digestion.

To work this way, prepare as you usually do, but add an oat, and replace the milk with water and prepare them as follows:

  • Oatmeal with papaya. This liqueur will not only fill you with energy, but also mix the contents of the oatmeal fiber with the peoples responsible for inflammation of the stomach. To be more effective, you can replace milk for oatmeal.
  • Banana with oats. It should be taken before breakfast and will help burn fat that builds up in the abdomen.
  • Oats and cinnamon. This is taken twice a day, one before breakfast, and the other before lunch, if you do 15 days, you will see the results.

Oat milk

This can be prepared at home and economically. To prepare it, you must soak the oats all night, after that you must dry the oatmeal and pour excess liquid, then pour the oatmeal with four cups of water and a little cinnamon or vanilla, drain the liquid to remove the oat. and keeps it in the fridge where it can be kept for five days.

Oatmeal can be taken for breakfast with green apple and infusion.
On a lunch with turkey breast salad
In the evening with eggplant, apple slice.

Properties of oats

This grain was originally from Asia, was initially considered to be a poor plant and was rejected, was thousands of years later when considered to be a food and used the lower classes. Nutritional properties of oats are:

Cleaning. It encourages the production of lecithin enzyme, which helps the liver to reject toxins from the body. It also works on the arteries by cleaning cholesterol walls that can clog them.

Control the sugar. The fiber contained in the ointment means that more glucose is needed for digestion, which is why it is often recommended to diabetics.

Improves digestion. Reducing the amount of bile acids facilitates the passage of the intestine and prevents constipation. Oatmeal is a carbohydrate that is slowly absorbed, which makes you feel much more.

These shakes come into effect when you have a healthy lifestyle, exercise consistently, and change your eating habits for those healthy.

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