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Oracle launches the world's first autonomous operating system

The US firm is stepping up software in its second generation of clouds: services are now being executed by robots to avoid human errors, security issues and operational instability.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has launched the world's only and first autonomous operating system. Special file

This Monday, the technology solutions world took a step forward: Oracle technology company unveiled the world's first autonomous operating system. The software is called Oracle Autonomous Linux and offers optimized cloud services for all businesses. The announcement is historic as it is now operated by robots only to avoid human errors and information leaks or "security leaks".

The proposal, already available on the market, was shared by Larry Ellison, Chairman of the Board and Chief Technology Officer, during Oracle Open World, an annual meeting of clients and business partners taking place in San Francisco, California.

"Eliminating human error is the only way to prevent data theft. This is the biggest economic benefit of this operating system that we have launched today. People go wrong at different stages of building databases. With this software, it is no longer possible to break into them. Oracle Autonomous Linux Responsible is for preventing confusion, "said the technology giant's executive director and author.

Likewise, he said this cloud generation is 25 times more reliable than the one offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), its biggest competition in the market. He even explained that this sophisticated operating system is "100% compatible and interoperable with that of the company and IBM Red Hat."

Why is it so innovative to have an autonomous cloud? While it may not seem so, it is simple: Prior to this development, the value of the cloud was based on offering different services (such as data storage) and charging for their use. However, vendors were not as concerned with central aspects as security, scalability and information integrity, the company said.

"Now the Oracle cloud is based on machine learning: a set of bots are the ones who make security decisions based on the algorithm of things. And repeating, the machine begins to learn on its own. It manages people, autoparchs, autoconfigurations, auto-reps and autoresponsors, ”said Jorge Arias, vice president of architecture and innovation for the company.

In this regard, Arias explained that the security level is "infinitely" higher than that offered by its competitors, which continue to operate with Generation 1 cloud. In this regard, Oracle's idea is to prevent situations like the one over a month ago. with a case known as Capital 1. Then a former AWS employee identified a security hole, stealing 100 million user records from Capital One and 30 other legal entities.

Now, Oracle Autonomous Linux is forever offering its minimal capabilities. For companies interested in big data testing, machine learning, and analytics capabilities, the company organizes packages according to their needs.

In the event that President Oracle has also announced that it will open new data center offices. There are currently 16, and it is estimated that by 2020, another 20 will be opened, two of which will be in Chile and Brazil.

* Article made possible by an Oral call to San Francisco, California.


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Oracle launches the world's first autonomous operating system




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