Tuesday , March 9 2021

Refusal of Student Murder in San Gil, Santander judicial

"This situation more than one in the room was already anticipating, but said that this week there would be no class and there would be organ allocation."

These words are part of a shocking story that was sent by a student at the La Gospe La Presentación Technical School in San Giglio, who testified that a young man at the age of 14 had killed one of his colleagues and wounded the other.

This crime, which caused alerts between local and government departments, was recorded at 10:40 am in the morning, in the bathroom facilities.

There, as reported by witnesses, pupil 8-2 arrived and interrupted two classes of ninth grade, both of whom were preparing to participate in the game.

In the facts investigated by the police, the accused aggressor drove the knife and began to attack them on several occasions.

"We had a play, and the ninth also, they changed, he came (accused) and avoided the child close to the heart, which was the one who died, and the other was also very wounded," the witness added.


After the aggression came, the situation was reported to teachers and school directors. One of the injured was placed on the carrier and immediately removed from the education center, while the other left alone.

San Gil Firefighters arrived and transferred students to the Regional Hospitals area, where one of the children entered without vital signs. He had a deep flapping wound with a compromised heart.

Eliza Aviles, the Medical Emergency Coordinator, explained that "another patient came with three wounds: one in the precursor area to determine if it entered any vital organ, the other in the back and the last in the left inguinal area ".

Yesterday afternoon, the teenager was undergoing surgery. At the end of this issue, the health condition is developing positively.

Disturbance and cell phones

Several police patrols arrived at school and arrested an alleged perpetrator hiding in one of the bathrooms.

A few minutes later, the Mobile Unit of Criminology Laboratory, Janin made an inspection at the venue and then removed the corpse at the health center.

On the motives of the crime, Colonel Rigoberto Acevedo Mor, the subdivision of the police department of Santander, explained that they are currently under investigation.

"This is a reflection of the intolerance we live in, and we do not have enough mechanisms to address such conflicts that may arise among young people," the police official said.

It should be added that several parents and students reported that they had already warned school officials about the anomalous behavior the detainee had presented.

This child under the age of 14 will be presented today before the juvenile court. You have to answer for the crime of a difficult murder.


Around 2:00 in the afternoon yesterday, an Extraordinary Security Council was held, attended by high-level police officers, Icbf, municipal and ministerial authorities.

Finally, Ariel Fernando Rojas, mayor of San Gil, said that next Tuesday, a school council meeting would be held with rectors of various municipal schools to raise support for institutions in such cases that may be present in each school.

He added that "the aggressor was made available to the authorities for his legalization, after some estimates he will make a decision about the future of this minor".

Meanwhile, the La School of Laos Presentation said that they were ready to meet all the demands of the authorities to clarify this event.

"We reject these acts of violence and regret the mourning that lives in our educational community, and we feel that this duel is like ours because it is one of our children," said a sister, Gloria Arias, an excellent student with whom we welcome and care for her. Mendoza, rector of the mentioned institution.

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