Sunday , January 24 2021

Royal kings who bet on alternative medicine to defeat HOS


A month later, Algeria arranged an appointment with a doctor for an examination.

The doctor echoed and, seeing that Algeria’s liver had recovered, was surprised but disappointed when Algeria explained that his relief was not due to the medication he had prescribed.

“He told me‘ hello lady, you’re fine, now your liver is super good, super clean, it’s good that you took the medicine to the letter and that you literally followed the diet, ’I said,‘ diet yes, I did, but yours is medicine, here, here it is, ”he said,“ but how? ‘I said,‘ No, look, I did this and that and that ’and the doctor was very surprised.

Since then, Algeria, a royal citizen dedicated to alternative medicine, has begun to promote the use of chlorine dioxide, first among his family and then among his closest friends.

“When I see that my life has gone very well, I go back to the person who sold me and start buying it in quantities and start sharing it with all my family and friends with health problems,” says Montes de González and says people are cured.

With the help of Kalcker’s tutorials and the advice of the person who had been selling him the formula for months, Algeria learned how to make chlorine dioxide at home.

“Since then, my house is gone, chlorine dioxide is always in the fridge,” Algeria says.

Remember that when the pandemic hit, there was a wave of videos promoting drugs against the new virus.

The first thing he did was go to the health authorities of Nuevo León to discuss with them the benefits of chlorine dioxide.

They said yes, but did not say when.


On that occasion, Algeria requested social media demonstrations on the terrace of the government palace in Monterrey, in order to draw the attention of the authorities and the community to the effectiveness of chlorine dioxide.

‘Not knowing who would go, whether people would go, I said,’ It doesn’t matter, if it’s just me and my family, it’s just me and my family. ‘

More than 70 people attended. It was last June.

Suddenly he interrupts the conversation and says it’s time to take out his chlorine dioxide.

He then takes a clear bottle of yellow liquid from the table, removes the cap and takes a few short sips.

It is the same operation that has been carried out for more than eight years.

Every hour, for 21 days, Algeria releases chlorine dioxide, leaves for two or three months, and then.

Also, eat vitamins and eat healthy.

Nothing hurts, he says.

“People tell me, ‘Hey, they tell me on television that it’s poisonous, deadly and damages vital organs,’ when that’s not true. I tell people, ‘seek, find out. If people want to testify, here I am.’

– What does it taste like? –

It doesn’t taste anything, it has a slight chlorine smell, but nothing happens, you don’t feel anything, it’s a turkey sight what you take.

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