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Season Two “Who Killed Sarah?” already has a release date

The Netflix series will have to answer many questions in this new part, as Álex’s revenge gave a new twist to the plot when he realized that his sister is not the woman she looks.

“Who killed Sarah?” The new Netflix series continues to move the platform, becoming one of the most influential Latin titles the service currently has on streaming. With a new season announced for him May 19th, many loose endings left episodes of the first season, raising new unknowns that caused so much intrigue in public.

And is that what the second season has to answer many questions. Alex’s revenge ran into new discoveries that reversed the plot, as Sara was not the smiling girl she looked. She hid a few secrets on her own. Therefore, these are details that the second part of the series must take into account.

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The very name of the series refers to the murder of Sarah. The season finale episode obviously revealed that Elroy and Mariana they were after his death. But the fiction portrayed the images in such a way that the question arises as to whether, indeed, Elroy helped his mistress end the young woman’s life, or if someone else carried out the plan of Matriarch Lazcano.

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The last episode shows that Alex finds Sarah’s second diary in which she discovers this I was not mentally well he comes to consider suicide as well as reveals his desire to kill someone. The announcement for the second season warns that the young woman “was much more dangerous” than she seemed. A reversal that will make Alex see his late sister with different eyes.


In the diary, Álex finds a piece of paper containing a map that leads him to the character he is playing Manolo cardboard to find a corpse, headed by a rifle. The flashback reveals that Cesar shot the person attacking Sarah. Could it be the body of the aggressor? Did Caesar kill him or was it Sarah, as he admits in his diary?


Beyond the mystery of death Sara, is the plot of Cheme and his partner Lorenzo. They both want to become parents and so they turn around surrogacy. However, an ex-wife appears, bringing Chem and Lorenzo into trouble. A preview of the second season shows Chema kissing Clara wearing a painted mustache without a T-shirt. Does this mean that Chema has left Lorenzo and is trying to give his father to his son in other ways?


Even if Cesar Lazcano He does not appear to be to blame for Sarah’s death, he is involved in several difficult situations, two of which are related to the deceased, as Sarah was pregnant with him and both are united by the death of the aggressor of a young woman, whose identity is a new mystery.

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On the other hand, César’s dark affairs are linked to human trafficking, human trafficking, and manufacturing sadomasochistic videos in which women are tormented they put you in a vulnerable situation. His daughter Elisa confronts him with these jobs, and his partner Sergio is determined to betray him to avoid ending up equally exposed. Patriarch Lazzano has several fronts open for the second season.


Identity Diana the huntress, it turned out that the person who gave Alex the information to investigate Marifer, Sarah’s best friend. However, the last episode calls into question the friendship of the two. A secret diary reveals that Sarah would have been Marifer’s sister and if she had he was abused by his father. In the letter, the young woman also admits that she disagrees with her obvious best friend.

On the other hand, on the eve of Sarah’s death, Marifer can be seen calling her friend for help and she doesn’t give it to her. In the scene, Marifer appears in tears and her face of despair turns into a face full of anger and a desire for revenge, which implies that relationship of both, as the trailer for the second season shows, will be one of the key elements new episodes.


Although the series is titled ‘Who killed Sarah?’, the truth is that the girl’s body cannot be seen. Moreover, it is not clear whether he died immediately after the accident. Although the synopsis of the last episode says so the young woman died in 2001 (and the date of August 9 appears on his tombstone), it is true that it would not be unreasonable to think that the body buried is not Sara’s, especially since her secret diary contains records and confessions dated in September.

How is it possible that she went to a party in September if she was dead for a month? Either it’s a script hole, or Sara didn’t die in an accident. If Sarah were alive, who was the one buried in her grave?

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