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Sebastian Yatra is ready for everything with Tini Stoessel

Colombian SebastiánYatra He is one of the most popular singers of that moment and he knows it. He recently admitted in an interview that he was aware of the success he had achieved in such a short time and that he would continue his projects "from the hands of God". He is currently on a tour in Mexico promoting his new album, "Fantasia", premiered in April this year and has a musical cut between ballads and pops.

This week, Marina Moroni interviewed him on the radio program "Los 40 Principales de Argentina" and told him about his plans for the future in music. One of the biggest anger that October 10 and 11 will be presented together with Yatr his girlfriend Tini Stoessel at Luna Park in Argentina. But from Medellín he also talked about his relationship with the singer for 22 years. In mid-June they confirmed their relationship through social networks. But the boys go more in the musical plan.

"Runaway" is a theme that makes me very happy. It's a song that people sing wherever they go, do not get out of control. Some time ago I did not get the song & # 39; happy & # 39; for people from all countries because I joined Tata Yankee. Natti Natasha and Jonas Brothers who are global artists. In the second month of November we will read it in Luna Park. Natti sensually touched the singles. Dad interrupts him and gives him another dynamics. While Jonas legitimizes the global feeling as a subject in English and Spanish. I'm a host and they are the guests author of "Reverse".

Last Friday, June 21, it was premiered "Runaway" on YouTube platform and visits jumped. More than 28 million points of view have accumulated audiovisual content in the first weekend. It is the first time that their voices join the interpretation of the theme in English and Spanish. All this suggests that this could become a theme of the year that unites the great exponents of Anglo-Saxon and Latin American music.

It took two years to complete, edit and record the singles for completion. At first it was known that one member of the Los Jonas Brothers group would be part of the project. However, Yatra confirmed that three brothers borrowed her voice and announced it through social networks. The news spread so fast that it is already angry among fans, according to a statement published in immoderate this week

In the second part of the program, the listener named Marcela called and asked if he would be ready to tour with Tinie and responded: "I think so." It would be special. In addition, new projects are being joined; On July 18 we will be playing at the premiere of Juventud 2019 & Cristina & # 39; and we will work on other obligations. So that's the way to personal and professional exchange. "

Journalist Moroni, on the other hand, repeated that both share the first places of popularity in the "Top 40 in Argentina" list. Tini takes number 1 with "22" and Yatrice number 2 with "Cristina". Laughing, the 24-year-old composer said, "Vote for Cristina, no, not true, I feel just as excited about her success, she has done an incredible job and takes her music all over the world."

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