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Speaking to students looking for unemployment to return to study – Education – Life

More than a month of national student strike ended, which meant the termination of all public universities in the country. And although the picture that represented the movement was huge mobilization in several cities, There is another face of this less visible phenomenon, and young people are seeking a return to academic normality to complete their semester.

This situation is particularly critical in the case of those young people who had to move from different regions to the university.

This is the case of Juan *, a student at the University of Natural History faculty who traveled to the capital of the country to develop his career and who asked for reservation of his identity for fear of retribution by other students.

Juan, part of the Special Academic Application and Mobility Program (Peama), which enables young people to begin their studies at national border centers and then travel to offices in large cities, ensures that unemployment is largely affected by the economic aspect because, as he says, "Bogota is a very expensive city and it is very difficult to keep it in it".

"Although I do not have to pay for housing because I live in a student house, I have to allocate more money for transportation and food. At this point, the postponement of the semester would be a great relief in economic terms, because I could return to the hometown where I have my family's support, "says Juan.

And he adds that, despite his objections to unemployment, he maintains his support, taking part in several demonstrations that have taken place in recent weeks.

Juan also believes that student protest must be redirected and taken up in the pedagogical direction, by which "ordinary people teach what we really do in universities".

In this regard, the young man called on citizens this Friday to attend the "Cienciatic" activities that will take place at Santander Park at twelve pm in which the research groups and student groups will discuss various scientific topics "to show the importance of what is being done in public universities and increase their economic resources ".

María *, a medical school student who also requested anonymity for fear of punishment, agrees to request the termination of the strike. She, the mother of the family, considers it necessary to restore academic normality to be with her son on this upcoming holiday season at the end of the year. He wants to finish the semester this year, because "when these long strikes arise, the whole academic calendar is doing a lot."

"I want to resume my classes so that I can complete the semester, although progress has been made in important issues for the university these weeks, I believe that, in the first place, the fact that the remaining unemployed longer will not achieve more than the requirements that are being created, those who want to continue academic activities, "says the student.

She added that she, as a working mother, is an extra effort to combine her work with the care of her son, and she always tries to arrange how she will care for him for several months, as academic calendars at faculties and universities always cross the path. "I had to stop working for a few days and I do not know what to do when my son is at home," he says.

Concerned parents

But concern is not exclusive among students. Parents were also concerned about the academic future of their children. For a public accountant, the father of two students (one from the National and the other from the District, Bogotá) is what most worry about the loss of his children's time and the limbo they are in.

"That loss of time becomes an economic resource," says the man who from Yopala (Casanare) has to work to support two children in Bogotá. "In the meantime, it suits all the costs, because it's hard to keep them," says the man.

The man, who also sought to retain his identity, admitted that he understood and supported the students in their demands for additional means of public education, but considers that it is time to remove the strike because "the academic part is very committed and what is the matter of studying so many young people. "

And he asks why, if university rectors have already reached an agreement with the government and adding additional resources, the students do not accept these efforts.

David, a student of the second semester of industrial engineering at the National University, confirms that he strongly supports the motives of unemployment, but admits that he wants to return to academic normality. Or, if this fails, the semester is delayed or canceled, as this uncertainty affects most students; especially those who like him come from distant areas.

In his case, he had to return to his municipality to avoid the expenses he had in Bogotá and to help his family.

"I am a student who supports marshes and claims, but I am very worried about the time it takes to strike." In my case, as a student I ask or want to say, the semester is canceled or can be completed, "says the young man.


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