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The big rival Tesla is a jet-ski and amazing madness

Although this is a fact Tesla remains king in the electric car sector, thanks to some features, such as the complete Autopilot, the American manufacturer has more and more rivals. and Nikola Motors he wants to do things very hard.

And, the company does not cease to represent solutions in the electric vehicle sector to become a more competitive alternative to Tesla. We've already talked to you about your family of electric trucks and now the company was surprised when it showed electric trolley and an electric water bike.

Geometry A, an electric car that can handle a Tesla model 3 with breakage price: 27,000 euros

Yes, Nikola made a leap into the new market by offering two solutions with a very attractive design, the advantages of electrical solutions and the way to improve Tesla introducing new electrical appliances that will attract a good number of customers.

Nikola Buggy

This is NZT, Nikola's electric trolley for Tesla competition

For starters, we have a buggy designed to go in any environment. And the eye, which has the usual conveniences in the electric car, so you will not miss anything. We're talking about a an electric vehicle prepared for overcoming trails and hills thanks to its 35-inch tires and a four-wheel drive. Of course, if you do not want to be muddy, you can cover the entire cabin so you can spin in any environment without worrying about anything.

Nikola Buggy

For that, we need to add panel instruments that include a 13-inch screen with dust and water resistance thanks to its IP68 certificate, with OTA updates to improve their benefits. And beware 590 horsepowerUsers of this electric car should not worry about its power, ranging from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in just 4 seconds. Something to envy a series of Tesla's solutions?

Nikola Buggy

If we take into account that it has 240 kilometers of autonomy and can withstand more than 1,300 kilograms, we can be sure that this electric car from Nikola Motors can handle it all. Tell that electric trolley who will face Tesla will be available in 2021 at a price of $ 80,000, about € 71,000 for a change. Very tempting figure for lovers of strong emotions.

Electric boats

Is not that enough for Tesla? This is Nikola's electric boat

On the other hand, the signature is surprising at the presentation wav, electric boats with a very attractive design that also offer some incredible features. For starters, this is truly incredible and aggressive design with a waterproof 4K display that is 12 inches, front and rear LED lights and cruise control.

Of course, for now the company has not given more details about the benefits, autonomy or price of its new electric vessel, but have confirmed it will be available by the end of 2020. Tesla Remember and start thinking about betting on other solutions that cover the maximum possible market.

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