Tuesday , July 27 2021

The line marked by rancor and blood: his father-in-law killed in a horrible way

The Trout Festival's celebration in the village of Cristales de Piedecuesta, Santander, suddenly became bloody due to the twinkling of a 30-year-old man, identified as Robinson Rivera Flórez.

Everything was joy and fun in the midst of the "social" while there was no fight between two members of the same family. They cite versions that had the fact that Robinson had consumed alcoholic beverages since early morning hours last Sunday.

Late in the afternoon, and his family had no news of him, why his mother and stepfather, with whom he had no good relationships, sought him. There was a rumor that, even because of his condition, he was exalted by a few people present in that place.

In the afternoon there was 6:15, and the couple arrived at the football field, two hours from downtown to face Robinson. On the way, a 50-year-old victim's stepmother met a third party who apparently complained about Robinson's attitude.

That triggered a rift between the two, where Robinson, as the third agent, was also taken sideways. The deceased began to defeat his or her father, and even on the floor, seemed to subject him to his interests. But at this point, the 50-year-old man pulled the dagger and stuck it with his stringer on the left side of his chest and right hand wounds that killed him at the scene for a few minutes.

Although the killer tried to escape, they were arrested by people who participated in the incident and later surrendered to the police, who handed him over to a hearing at the Bucharamanga Judicial Center where he had to respond to the murder.

The second version of the fact is that between Robinson and his father there are quarrels about the aggression that the latter did to the mother. Even that day had some embarrassment, which is why a 30-year-old man went to the festival and tried to clean his mind.

The festival organizers said they saw him at the place where the trout ran and that the stepfather arrived, who wordlessly said he threw the dagger and attacked him until he killed him. "He went to put another person down and thrown him, he was crazy," one of the spokespersons of the event said.

About the family quarrels they both had, it was known that Robinson had been 8 years old for a man, a farmer for a trade, to become a stepfather, and had even had problems since then, so four years later he decided to live with his grandmother and grandfathers.

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