Sunday , April 11 2021

They ask Álvaro Uribe what he would have done if Tomás had appeared in the common grave

The extreme rhetorical resource of Patricia Lara in the column El Espectador, in which she brings former President Álvaro Uribe into the state of an ordinary father, attracts a lot of attention because, in addition, compares the eldest son of a Democratic Center leader to a young man killed by the military.

Lara’s column, addressed directly to Uribe as if it were an open letter, is part of a wave of reactions launched by the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) In the sense that there were not 2,248 false positive results in Colombia, as claimed by the Prosecution, but 6,402, and that most of these crimes took place between 2002 and 2008, which corresponds to the Uribe administration.

The former president insisted that during his administration (2002-2010) they worked to prevent extrajudicial executions and privileged other outcomes over victims.

Lara begins with a parallel between Tomás Uribe and Fair Leonardo Porras Bernal, a young man from Soache who was deceived and taken to Ocaña (Norte de Santander), where he was finally killed by the army that they put a uniform and a gun on him to betray him as a guerrilla killed in battle.

The comparison of the two young columnists is initially raised in terms of age (2008 Tomás and Fair Leonardo were 26 years old), but later represents a nullifying difference from the point of view of the activities in which each of them was engaged and their social status.

While Tomás was a handsome and successful businessman, the son of the President of the Republic, Fair Leonardo was a young invalid with mobility difficulties in his right leg and arm., who also suffered from mental retardation, despite doing chores in his Soach neighborhood and, with what he earned, brought a rose to his mother every day, ”Lara writes.

Later, referring to the same resource that causes a very unbalanced scale in these ‘parallel’ lives, he argues “While Tomás was developing the business, Fair Leonardo was tricked by someone who was paid $ 200,000 to take him to Ocaña.”. And she describes in detail the terrible journey of the Fair Leonardo family to find him.

Lara cites an editorial from Spain’s El País, which upset the issue last week by assuring that Uribe is “keeping the truth” about false positives and must answer. “No, former president,” Lara writes. […] You have to answer: there are at least 4040 innocent young people killed and disguised as guerrillas by members of the army Those whose government paid and gave them benefits for showing results, that is, for killing guerrillas, but these boys did not. Neither does his son Tomás ”.

And it ends with a thoughtless question: “What would you do if the one who appeared in the mass grave was not an honest Leonardo but Thomas?? Would he not demand that those responsible be brought to justice?

Ricardo Silva Romero adds to these other questions not Uribe, but in general, which in any case lead to to the idea of ​​parental suffering due to the loss of children, the pain that is greater when that loss occurs in circumstances where false positive events have occurred.

“What can the state do with the news that 6,402 extrajudicial executions took place in its darkness from 2002 to 2008? What can culture do if it learns that 6,402 victims were disguised as perpetrators after being executed by state agents?” Silva asks herself in her column in El Tiemp and replies, “Do you hear the voices of mothers who […] they dream of asking them “Do you have children? Do you want one to kill? Why did you kill mine?” the executioners of their children“.

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