Sunday , January 24 2021

They close 10 bars at Lleras Park in Medellin

Because of constant complaints citizens, nearby 300 policemen and officials have improved mega-surgery in Lleras Park, the pink Medellin area.

Ten bars and clubs were suspended temporarily because they did not meet the requirements and documentation for work or because of it has exceeded the volume levels equipment.

Medellin Security Secretary, Andrés Felipe Tobón Villada he asserted that they were also imposed 45 invites citizens who violated the Law on Police, in particular, by Drink alcohol on public roads.

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"It was an inter-institutional operation at Parque Lleras, a product series complaints and problems reported by residents sector and worried citizens. Unfortunately, we found ten objects that were temporarily suspended and more than 45 appearances of the police code ", said the official.

During the intervention at Lleras Park, seven vehicles and 14 motorcycles are immobilizedbecause they are parked in prohibited places or their owners Documentation has not been transmitted to date.

In addition to Migración Colombia, 72 training outsiders in accordance with national regulations. The operation involved the participation of the Personería de Medellín and the Secretariat for Mobility, Security and Social Inclusion.

Other closures

Personería de Bogotá Follows a few residents of the Fourth Modelia in a a popular action aimed at closing more than 93 facilities at night that is currently working.

In the context: Protests for the eventual closure of cafes and clubs in the Modelia neighborhood

Neighbors who promote this measure have confirmed that Land Management Plan (POT) does not consider this companies with a high impact work in this sector.

According to Asobert, "more than 500 families would be hit if 93 facilities that are currently in the sector are closed".

It should be noted that it is in The Gustavo Petroa Board has approved the Regulation 364 2013, which enabled the construction and operation of these night-time commercial facilities in this sector, was abolished in the mandate of Enrique Peñalosa.

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