Wednesday , July 28 2021

Today the decline of websites around the world – News Technology – Technology

As of 11 a.m. this Thursday and about an hour ago, crashes have been registered on various websites around the world, among which were found some banks and media.

Among the affected portals were also TIME, Briefcase, Futbolred, Earth From Spain,, The spectator,, Weekly magazine, among others.

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Also in the region, the websites of the media belonging to the Grupo de Diarios de América (GDA) also recorded omissions, including Nation (Argentina) i the market (Peru). It also affected the decline Mercury (Chile) i the third (Chile).

On the other hand, users on Twitter also reported problems with the portals PlayStation, Banco Santander and Banco Estado, in Chile.

In the specialized portal Downdetector, crashes have been recorded on dozens of websites such as Airbnb, Amazon, American Express, HBO Max and FedEx.

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A major drawback is related to Akamai Technologies, a global service to speed up the loading of websites and applications used by thousands of web portals and network platforms. The company indicated on their Twitter account that they were experience interruptions in service.

“Akamai is experiencing a service outage. We are actively investigating the problem and we will provide an update in 30 minutes“announced the company.

Later, the company assured that they had implemented a solution that allowed the service to continue.

We will continue to monitor to ensure that the impact is fully mitigated“, they specified.

This is the second major failure to be registered on the website in two months, and millions of websites have been left out.

Cyber ​​attack, hypothesis rejected

Akamai Technologies’ latest report indicates that they are continuing to monitor the situation and that they can confirm that the service interruption is “was not the result of a cyber attack on the Akamai platform. “

News in development …

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