Friday , March 5 2021

A Facebook man cursed "parasites". Now it's three years old

People should be aware that what they write about social networks can have very unpleasant consequences for them, according to the latest case from Příbrama. Police were wondering about the 40-year-old's contributions from the end of 2014 on Facebook this year.

"Criminals have accused four criminals, it is a continuation of guilt for defaming nation, racial, ethnic or other groups, inciting hatred against a group of people or restricting their rights and freedoms, manifesting sympathy for the movement with a view to suppressing human rights and freedoms and negating, questioning , approves and justifies genocide, "police spokeswoman Monika Schindl said about what a man should do.

On Facebook the man was very active, he managed to write 50 posts, comment and share other articles and articles and uploaded images.

"He used the forbidden symbolism and vulgarism here, verbally attacked a certain group of people, encouraged them to exterminate them, or at least for physical violence against them, and get rid of the intolerance of some people he called parasites," Schindl said.

The man admitted to the police. He discovered that the comments were a result of frustration and disappointment in life. Now he recognizes that his behavior was stupidity and error. But according to the Criminal Code, she was threatened with a three-year stay behind the lattice.

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