Tuesday , June 15 2021

An abundant patient declines anti-malaria medications, and then has the toughest form – News.cz

Her brain probably affected post-malarial neurological syndrome. This is the first case of this disease in the Czech Republic.

"The woman came to our department before she went to Africa where her daughter was working in a charity organization, she was vaccinated against yellow fever and jaundice, although we repeatedly recommended her to use antimalarial drugs in Africa, she did not want to be in Africa ten days, "said Petr Kümpel, head of department.

The Ugandan woman moved most of the time to Kampala's capital. "He went to the jungle and an indigenous village one day, where they freeze the insects, then returned to the Czech Republic where he suffered a fever and high temperature after a few days.The patient was clear that he might have malaria and she came straight to us where we have diagnosed its most serious form of malaria – the malaria of the tropics, which is life threatening, every year about two million people die in the world, "the mayor continued.

Because of the otherwise good condition of a woman, malaria managed to beat it very quickly. "At the end of September we left the patient home after an antimalarial shedding," the doctor said.

She did not know what was true and what was not

A few weeks later, her husband brought her husband to a hospital with strong hallucinations.

"According to her husband, the patient got worse in the first few days of driving symptoms, after which he began to lose his memory until he came to disorientation, besides suffering from hallucinations and misconceptions, we took the woman to the intensive care unit, When we read the literature on malaria, we discovered that there is a post-malarial neurological syndrome that may have the very manifestations, probably the first patient in the Czech Republic who could suffer from this syndrome " said Kümpel.

The woman works as a nurse. "I can not describe what I was experiencing, some scenes were scary, I remember having to deal with my eldest daughter on a hospital bed when she was not in my office, I could not tell what the truth was and what was not true, I do not want to experience anyone "she said, describing her condition as a woman.

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