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Boletus comments on talks with Babis about the government district

Babis said Wednesday that the negotiations with Hřib are traumatic and that he intends to promote the project by negotiating with city councilors.

The Prime Minister has the idea of ​​creating a district for government offices to house officials from several ministries and offices still in historic buildings in the heart of the metropolis. The district should be built on land belonging to Prague. He wants to provide them with Babis, ie the government, financial support for completing the traffic circles and building a new hospital to replace Na Bulovce Hospital.

After Tuesday's meeting, Boletus interpreted Babish's words so that "Prague will receive nothing from the state at all." He therefore considered the negotiations that had been concluded with the use of land by the city to improve housing affordability.

Babis also said that he would still try to persuade the councilors and introduce them in the bid. According to Prague's Jan Čižinksý, it's just a marketing project that citizens of Prague don't need. Jiří Pospíšil, leader of the third United Nations coalition partner in Prague, described Boletus' meeting with Babis as a mistake. According to him, media shootings will not help Prague.

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