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Both opponents and supporters of the Istanbul Conventions clashed in the House

Petr Piťha, photograph: Archive of the website istanbulskaumluva.czPetr Piťha, photograph: Archive of the website
Many people may even not know about the convention. But emotion shifted
Wenceslas's Sermon of Catholic Priest Petar Pita. According to him, he would do it
the adoption of the document led to the family kidnapping, abduction and deportation of detainees to extermination camps. Czech women's lobby in
filed a criminal report against spreading the alarm message. And the Istanbul Convention reached newspaper sites.

The Czechs disagree with the introduction of the Convention into the Czech legal order.
According to them, it is superfluous, violence against women is sufficiently influenced
Czech customs.

"Violence not only must be done by men in women but also by men
men, women on women, violence can be done on children, on
seniors. We consider that the protection of women is a little overdone,
overpriced in this Convention, "
the People's Party said

Jan Kněžínek, photo: archive of the Government of the Czech RepublicJan Kněžínek, photo: archive of the Government of the Czech Republic
According to the rules of the Convention, the Czech laws should be amended. Most of them
but the measure is already in the Czech legislation, the Justice Minister said
for the Jan Kněžínek movement.

"The Convention has largely no change in the Czech legal order
because the vast majority of things that it regulates are already reflected in the Czech legal order. Reporting for it is
entering their values ​​into an international field ".

Unpaid marriages have not been implemented so far;
the penalty for violent sterilization and the time limit for prosecution
female circumcision.

Respondents are afraid that the Convention will endanger the traditional family

Radka Maxová, photo: Andrea Zahradníková, ČRoRadka Maxová, photo: Andrea Zahradníková, ČRo
According to its opponents, the Convention provides women with greater rights than men and is an ideological document whose adoption changes to the existing
cultural orientation of the Czech Republic and endangered the traditional family. There are a number of provisions
Moreover, he says he can not interpret it. They point out, for example,
that the Convention requires, inter alia, "the eradication of prejudice, customs, tradition and other practices based on the presumption of subordination of women
or on the stereotypical notions of the role of women and men. "
The priest added that there was a series of disinformation about the convention.
"Nobody rejects us and there is no concentration camp
they will not rise "
Knezij said in response to preaching the priests

According to the allegations, on the contrary, ratification would signal that violence was on
the woman is unacceptable and the Czech Republic is trying to improve the victim's help.
They point out that in countries that have already ratified the material,
"Apocalypse did not happen". Abolition of ratification is for example
MEP Radka Max, who stressed what was going on
has managed to include the Czech Republic in the Czech Republic by signing the Convention.

The president of the Petitions Commission of the House of Representatives Helena Válková (front left) took over a lawsuit with more than 10,000 signatures against the Istanbul Convention, photos: ČTK / Vít ŠimánekThe president of the Petitions Commission of the House of Representatives Helena Válková (front left) took over a lawsuit with more than 10,000 signatures against the Istanbul Convention, photos: ČTK / Vít Šimánek
"We are abused under the Istanbul Convention
Dangerous Quest, Free Phone Line,
police training, medical staff, an important law has been improved
victims of crime and, of course, great development is encouraged
therapeutic programs for people who commit violence. "

The text of the Convention condemns domestic violence, sexual harassment,
rape, forced marriages, so-called. honor of crime or conflagration
genitals. She points out that women are more often victims
domestic and sexual violence by men and mass victims
rape in armed conflicts. Violence against women
the document perceives it as violations of human rights and discrimination.

The Istanbul Convention was established in 2011. The Czech Republic signed its signature
joined in May 2016. This is September 1, according to the organization
Amnesty International and the Czech women's lobby have been ratified by 33 countries.
This was signed by twelve countries, including the Czech Republic.

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