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Did Jiří Bartoška go crazy? Adoption to the old knee!

The heat at Karlovy Vary Film Festival was most likely influenced by his president Jiří Bartošek. At one of the festival events, a 72-year-old actor talked about adoption. Would you like to adopt a baby in your old knee?

Already at the beginning of this year's Karlovy Vary Film Festival, his president, Jiří Bartoška, ​​admired to rejoice at his end, as his film performance is a great work marathon. In addition, the hot weather is hot now and it seems that heat is already in his brain. How else could he explain his extraordinary words of adoption.

Bartoška has not missed the charity event of a non-profit organization Looking for Parents, acting with actress Jitka Schneiderová, for example. The actor, known for his peculiar humor, took all the guests there.

Schneider and other celebrities have recorded a video that remembers their parents, but Bartoška misses it. How did he explain his absence? "Being an orphan in two directions, I could join this program and put my parents in my old knee," the festival's president exclaimed.

Schneider and the whole organization are trying to educate children in families, not in institutions. So they and Bartoš signed a giant bottle of champagne, which goes to auction, whose funds will go to the project.

Bartoška is especially busy with foreign stars from Hollywood, who have changed to Karlovy Vary today. As Julianne Moore left the festival, Casey Affleck arrived and introduced her new movie.

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