Sunday , April 11 2021

Director Ivo Macharáček on the shooting of a new fairy tale: Trot was surprised that I was calling so late

How did you plan to return to the fairy tale after ten long years?

The producer and my friend Radovan Vašák came up with the idea some time ago that it would be nice to come back to it. But making a deuce is a terrible responsibility and I didn’t want to set up one cooked porridge.

But age has shown it to be popular, and that has played a big role in my decision-making. I like the characters, so I wondered what had happened in the kingdom over the years. And suddenly I became interested. I imagined Prince James to be king, so he had to learn to rule, to be wise, which was not easy, and he had to overcome a lot of obstacles.

The daughter of my favorite robber Karaba is gone, and although she is lonely, she certainly does not want to be alone. But establishing a new connection will be difficult. The third pillar were advisors. Are they corrected or not?

And so Eugene Gogel and I began to write a story about the search for Karabakh’s love, about whether Jacob could rule justly and wisely, and whether thieves would be able to get rich and become masters of the world.

How did the actors react to the return of their characters?

Great. I talked to them before we started anything, because if any of them refused, I wouldn’t go. But when, for example, I called Tomáš Klus, with whom I had not spoken for some two or three years, he answered with the question, “Are you calling now?”

I realized that they like to remember the collaborations and that the film still lives with them through the audience.

Could everyone come back?

Of course not. We had to give some characters because their stories had nowhere to develop. On the contrary, we had to develop a story for others. There is actually a whole new kingdom. In the original reigns King James, in the new Queen Juliet. And both advisers escaped him in order to do as much damage as possible in the shortest possible time.

Queen Julia is played by Veronika Khek Kubařová, who played the princess, for example, in The Spirit over Gold or in The Most Beautiful Puzzle. How did she accept the role?

When I called her for the first time, the first words were that she didn’t want to play a princess, that she didn’t like her anymore. She gladly accepted the queen.

The secret of the old bambita was a Christmas TV fairy tale, here you are preparing it for the cinema. How will this change in that direction?

He will have a richer expedition to have something to see in the cinema. There will be horses, more extensive scenes, we will focus on the beauty of the landscape. The songs remain, but will have different arrangements. The tempo, image composition and character development will be more dynamic and less talkative.

How many songs will be in the movie?

We already have seven basic ones. Two of them were sung by Tomáš Klus who completed one of the lyrics. While we were recording the songs and sewing the costumes, we recorded the clip as a tasting, which we want to publish now, before the first overlay. It will fall on April 8 at the castle in Mníšek pod Brdy, which will be Jakub’s castle, Julia will be in Jindřichův Hradec.

We return to Karab’s cottage in Kouřim and to the village square in Přerov nad Labem. We were supposed to finish by the end of May, and if covid-19 and regulations allow, the prime minister should be on December 9th.

By the way, did the measures against cider complicate your shooting?

You know I know. We were supposed to film last year, but then all filming stopped. This year no one is quarantined, no one is sick. We already adhere to all regulations in preparation, test, wear respirators, staff is divided into groups that do not meet.

The weakest link is the extras we need, but they must not endanger the actors. Well, we test there too. That makes the film more expensive, it’s an extra expense. The state will not help, but what can be done.

What would you like a new fairy tale?

To be mostly for the kids, to love her. There will also be funny places for adults, but children are our main thing. I have a three-year-old daughter myself and every time Václav Noid Bárta sends me some new music, I play it. When she wants a skirt and starts dancing, I know it’s okay. When he tells me to turn it off, the music has to change.

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