Monday , March 8 2021

Doodle for distribution Vondráčková: Cinema has reached a rough step!

Last Thursday he had a romantic film premiered in Czech cinemas, and was screened by multiplexes in Černý Most and Hostivař. And once, twice a day. But about Vondráčková the audience did not show interest, so the movie disappeared from the main program for multiple programs.

Czech fans have a chance to see Lucie in the film only at the Radotín and Modřanský biograf, where they will show a window. A perfect kiss is played in Bruntal, Chrastavě, Kynšperk nad Ohří or Napajedlech.

The film with Vondráčková did not come to the first twenty most popular titles during the first weekend, and the singer also won the animated film Úžasňáček 2 with 582 girls. Lucie does not have just a jumble carousel with Tomáš Plekans, but now professional.

Canadian film distributing Vondráčková comes to the Czech Republic: Lucie does not come to the premiere! Mirus FD

How does American comedy Lucie Vondráčková look like? Exclusive show!

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