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Finsk polka za zvijezdu. The horns were flaunting Kometa in Tampere

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I was hoping I would agree today. It is great to see us two of the deaths, started with Hova, his last club was Znojmo in the season 2013/14.

My heart is now split between Tappar and Komet. Both obm. Just a moment for me. When it comes to joy, it is in one and the same kind of goal. When the time comes to catch up, I will sweat. I'm happy about every situation, I see a lot of cameramen. I remember you, he smiled.

He could enjoy the joy of the Comet, winning 5: 1, and knocking the door to the European team. Revenge is played in Tampere for two days. Decides on the total number of poets.

They are as starchy as

It was easy for a while to stay in Brno. He signed up after noon in front of the hall, and someone was looking for the photograph together. His TV took a cube across the ice, and the Finnish pole made a pause.

Here the Hovi allowed you to play most of the time, freeze on ice and prepare fans to cook. Even in the turtle, he had thrown several corridors and nests, as soon as he was struck by a loud melodic on the Finnish group Loitum. I was not ready to dance, but I had to. When the polka is empty, you do not have a fan, a 36-year-old Finnish jack, his eccentric parts loved by people at Vsetn or Slovan Bratislava.

Moment z utk

Momentum on the way Kometa Brno – Tappara Tampere

They also caught the fans in the corridor, chasing Hovie's name and singing. Thank you, it touches me. My head was full of many memories. I mean, I will not forget about this, "said the hero of the moment.

In Brno, where he helped save the extralig in 2010 to reach Pardubice two years later, he travels far beyond the other Comedy Comedies. In the nearby Rousnovu there is a jersey on the production of jewels, their distribution is in Finland.

I sell jerseys that offer the game, stay in their center

In the eastern years there are many plays. Not so where. At Angam in Znojmo, he took a break to gain energy. But he soon learned he had missed it. If I'm not able to keep up with stagnation, I'd like to work.

Champions League News

The work for Jersey 53, which is not just Komet, but also basketball, great players and athletes, is just one of Hović's employees. It is proud of its ProSportJob servers, enthusiastic world sports that can find work for her, moment, man and custody, and at home in Tampere, the center of HDC Finland. Here's how you can get your personal clock to run.

So, go those years after he went to the janitor. But I can not. I do not think as much as you two, I'm not in shape. I'd rather go on stream. I spent years at the door. For my hockey career I gave just one gl kick, hitting the HF from the semifinals of the Slovak extras.

Memory and sauna

If you like Hovi, d on ice as an amateur hockey or on a ship as a backgammon player.

But how to k: The energy I once used for hockey, the two of you in business.

At home in Tampere I have many souvenirs from my senior years. Jerseys, gadgets, sticks, medals … Komet remind me of power, that was my best. Here is my son also born. I'll be close to Brno, do not worry.

He left the path to Kometa. Her aura was still equipped with a sauna that Homo helped to build. It's based on the project.

I'm Fin, and the sauna was one of the things I really needed to get Hova to fix upgrades for the game in Brno. There was a residence inside the cabin. My neighbor at the time was a sauna and one of them who went to the company that gave it to him. I went to him and agreed to give a little ad and they would do the same for the sauna. I did it so that the boys could lie so it would not have been, let alone.

And a comet comet is still in front of us: when Captain Ji Dopita, at the end of the moment, praised the helmet. Between the two men is more than 20 centimeters away, and the Dopit above Hovim's shadow is a lighthouse.

He always gave me a great forest: Sasha, good tonight, Hove remembers.

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