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French Officer Brings Happiness: Badink Wins Eleventh Fault And Completed It

Michael turned this time into Édith Piaf.

Michael turned this time into Édith Piaf. Photo: TV New archive

November 10, 2018 23:04

She came to her, stood and singing disarmed the audience and jury. Michaela Badinkova (39) in the eleven round of the concert Your face again knows the voice is actress, but also a singer.

In the costume of the French musical legend Édith Piaf was not recognizable. Not just because of short wavy hair or thin eyebrows, so typical of the world-famous chord. With Padam, Padam worked Mass for a week, but it was worth it.

At the end of the episode, the famous actress was awarded the most points, earning a second check worth fifty thousand crowns she donated as well as the sixth episode when she won Aretha Franklin for charity purposes.

And not just that. Together with Teresa Maškov (22), Eva Bureš (25) and Patrick Dergel (29), they started to finish, where they will compete for the fifth successful show.

Eliška Vinterová .

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