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How to do it with cannabis? It can cure one hundred times more Czech, inspiration in Israel –

As is the case in Israel, which has about eight million people, and about 50,000 patients use cannabis for pain or neurological problems.

According to Prime Minister Andrei Babis (YU), Israel needs inspiration from the Czech Republic. "If cannabis can be used to rescue a woman who has been in stage 4 of breast cancer, if it is possible to help autistic children, we should be more interested in the heifer," the prime minister said at the recently held Cebu-Cebu Conference on Canabis.

In the Czech Republic, this treatment is mainly due to the fact that the drug is more expensive for patients. Gram cannabis costs around 150 crowns in pharmacies, and some patients need up to 200 grams per month, which would amount to up to 30 thousand a month.

"Patients are more in the Czech Republic but do not buy cannabis because they do not. The situation is different in Israel, where cannabis is cheap for patients, "said Lumír Hanuš, a world renowned cannabis researcher at the Hebrew University. According to him, monthly treatment comes to Israel on about the tenth of the lowest pension.

Health Minister Adam Vojtech (for ANO) believes that cannabis treatment will begin next year. According to him, he has a new drug law, according to which health insurance companies should pay 90 percent of the cost of 30 grams per month to patients.

"We assume it will affect 450 million crowns that cannabis insurers have booked for three thousand patients," the minister said. According to him, the number of patients increases, this year there are 665, and doctors prescribed about five kilograms of dried drug. Last year, 447 patients were diagnosed throughout the year, and physicians prescribed 4.8 kilograms.

According to some doctors, these figures are not realistic. – Three thousand patients in the next year? I do not believe it because of the 30-gram fee limit. This is enough for patients with chronic pain, but not for patients with neurological pain or cancer, "said Righteous Tomáš Zábranský, a doctor and a heath care expert.

Insurance companies do not want to pay cannabis

According to him, the fact that patients with higher consumption will not be able to apply for insurance by insurance companies will not help either. An example of Martine Kafka, who suffers from multiple sclerosis and which needs around 180 grams of cannabis per month, clearly shows that insurers do not have too much taste for individual compensation. Kafková was compensated only after several years of VZP courts.

The minister believes that insurance companies have learned. – Mrs Kafka's case was a breakthrough. And we are telling new insurers that the compensation is fine and we will not talk about whether to pay but only about the amount, "Vojtěch said.

According to the Kopača patients' association, the widespread spread of cannabis will hinder the fact that the State Drug Administration (SUKL) under the new law wants doctors to receive anonymous patient information and treatment in the amount of 100,000 CZK. Physical administration is unnecessarily burdensome.

The minister does not see the problem. "Data collection is legitimate because cannabis is an alternative treatment initially," Vojtech said.

According to SUKL Director Irene Storov, the lack of certified clinical practice data is a global problem. This was acknowledged by Juval Landshaft from the Israeli hemp production agency. "We often lack clear evidence of the effectiveness of treatment. That's why sometimes we have to be brave in their decisions, "he said.

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