Saturday , September 18 2021

I do not know how much Seda's goals were, praised Liberec Hybš Boleslav's fugitive

Radek Petrášek. CTK

Was that a goal to release you?

When you hit 88 minutes and you do not change as many chances as we did before, we can get rid of it. We tried to push it as much as possible. Unfortunately, the whole game did not fall. Pay to the Lord that Fila hit.

I guess you're crazy saying you must stay patient. How hard was it?

In the first half we played what we wanted. We greatly removed the Commissar. The hunters played great and played more or less on their half. Poty (Potočný) on the other hand, had a terrible day. However, we said that equally patiently we must play the same patience and prospects that it will come. We said we would give that goal. Luckily, it did.

If this does not happen, because of the course it would be a painful loss of two points. Do you agree?

Definitely. It was also an important match because of the placement in the table. We had the same points as Young Boleslav, so we needed three points to move away. At a time when we did not succeed, it would certainly be a waste as far as the chances were concerned.

Why did Liberec so much upset in the end?

I believe that today's victory will hit us again. Game performance was good, we only need to score goals and this win might be worth more than 5: 0. From Tuesday we are focusing on Slovakia and we will certainly work at the end of the week to improve it in the next game. Sometimes this is happiness. Now, there is nothing for us, so thank the ladies for their aim.

And sometimes he is a fugitive. How do you rate Jan Sedy's performance?

He was a man of the match. I do not know how many goals came in there. There we had many opportunities there, and he just got caught today.

Did you mention how difficult it is to eliminate the best shooter Nikolaj Komličenek League, which you did not allow too much?

I think that was a good performance in general. From the whole team, back and forth. Not only the defense, but half of us helped. Taras (Kaçaraba) and Karafiát took great care of the Commissar, which was crucial. We all know it has a shape, and Boleslav's point, he can relax. Today, this has largely eliminated. With just a few tips in the second half, when we thought it was too open, but fortunately we did, Boleslav had nothing.

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